It rained!

I was sure I heard the sound of rain on the roof during the night but then I went back to sleep as the idea of getting up to bring in the items from the washing line evaporated. Indeed, I thought it might even be raining at getting up time – but it wasn’t.

I was out of bed before 05:00 and we were out of the gate around 05:15. I didn’t have to confine Isabella to the SDC as she was only a minor nuisance.

It was warm and overcast with no moon overhead except when it was occasionally able to poke its nose between the clouds. We made our first circuit of the Promontory where I was half-expecting to find a renegade camper as there was a vehicle in the car park. Once light, and following the second circuit, I was able to see that the owners of said vehicle were sleeping on loungers on the foreshore of Grammeno Beach. One of them was even vertical and moving about despite the early hour on a Sunday morning.

Otherwise, the walk was uneventful and we retired in good order back to the camping. There had been occasional raindrops periodically during the walk which amounted to nothing. More determined efforts were developing as we approached the van. We went into the van which was quite dark due to the time of the day and the overcast sky.

The light showers continued through until around 11:00 as predicted by the forecast. No evidence exists of the earlier rain which amounted to 0.8mm altogether.

I’d said I’d go to the office early on as there were a couple of things to do for Maria. The latest plan is to set up the documents she wishes to share in Google Drive so that she can work on whichever computer she chooses but all the documents are kept in sync. Furthermore, Georgia wants to be able to see some documents rather than have to phone Maria whenever she needs an update. I didn’t think that Georgia and spreadsheet were compatible. Perhaps I’ve underestimated her.

With my efforts in the office and customers checking out, it was past 10:00 by the time I managed to escape. I’d considered going for a bike ride but the threat of precipitation and the lateness of the hour dissuaded me so I returned to release the dogs.

The Doggy Dinners, prepared after the walk, were now cooked and had depressurised so I got on with completing their processing. I think it was all done just after 11:00 which must be a record.

I’d not bothered to prepare dough the previous evening even though I’d eaten almost the last of the three-day-old bread the night before. Fortunately, the bread I make keeps very well even when it’s warm. I made up some starter and prepared some dough on the off-chance that it might be risen in time to bake later. The aroma of freshly-baked bread permeates the atmosphere so I only have to remove the aforementioned from the Dutch oven to be able to try it out. The dough had no strength so I tried a new approach which was to place it in the Dutch Oven to ferment and then bake. Generally, one heats the Dutch Oven and puts the dough in after. Not really practical with this dough.

Another weekend is out of the way so the camping will settle down again after the ‘rush’. Things still look good for the Holiday Weekend on 20/21 June.

Light showers in the morning but ending up sunny and warm with no wind


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