Friday already

Our Early Walk was good fun as it was not too cool but not hot either. It didn’t stop Luis from puffing away as he trundled his way from the rocks to Plakaki and back. He moves in his own time so arrives often after the others. Seeing as his legs are so much shorter than everyone else’s he does quite well.

Isabella came whizzing past me knocking me off balance. She often comes racing past at close-quarters but I think I probably changed direction unexpectedly. I used the opportunity to add some dramatics so fell to the ground and lay prone for a short time. I made sure it was on soft sand. Very quickly, I was surrounded by dogs with Isabella trying to ‘lick it better’ for me. Something with which I could do without. No real harm done with probably a bruise tomorrow morning and I’ll have forgotten all about it. It didn’t stop me riding my bike or going in the sea.

The day warmed up once the sun had risen. One excitement was someone standing at the end of the Big Beach preparing to go spear fishing or diving. Some of the dogs barked but I soon put a stop to it and we carried on.

After preparing some breakfast, I went for a ride up the mountain via Panorama then came back for a quick swim. I conclude that the water is warmer further from the shore as I detected a distinct difference as I was coming back. I was in for around fifteen minutes which is hardly a world record but, after a walk and a bike ride, I’d had enough.

Dog-feeding and breakfast followed and then perhaps a short snooze to recharge. I’d made up some dough earlier so messed with that to produce a decent-looking loaf which is cooling in the oven as I write.

I was busy doing things and have been exploring the full version of the website software. There was a call from Andrea about a cloning scam she fell victim to. It was a clever scam so I expect she was not alone.

I was glad to have been in the sea first thing as a little wind got up later on. It was flat calm when I was in making it an extremely pleasurable experience, after the initial getting in of course.

Isabella is destroying some fabric from the sundry items she’s dismantled over time. She only seems to go into destructive mode at the end of the day when she’s bored. She races around like a lunatic first thing so spends much of the day on standby once she’s had a bucket of food. She’s just getting psyched up for the next bucket-full.

Warm and sunny after a still start with some wind later. The weather is forecast to cool down to the early twenties mid-week.


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