D-Day + 77

There were a couple of cars in the beach car park so it wasn’t long before Charlie discovered some bods sleeping on the beach. I had to remotely turn off his bark mode. Later on during the second sweep, we came upon a small tent in one of the favourite spots. Obi spotted it before me but we passed it by almost unnoticed. A caravan, with the door open, was parked on the Alonaki Beach road. Some of the dogs were wandering towards it however I gently headed them off will a little remote vibration. They seem to understand what is required and respond very quickly.

The morning was warm and clear so it was a pleasure being out and about with the dogs once past the initial getting out of bed phase. It’s easier to marshal them now as Isabella isn’t quite so boisterous or I’m less temperamental – take your pick…

The lads sleeping on the beach woke up so could be heard talking loudly in the distance. The dogs didn’t bother to investigate as we walked through the beach car park on the way back.

I accompanied the dogs into the van to clear up the kitchen wreckage from the previous day and prepare my breakfast. I got everything ready then left the container on the counter and not in the Pot. Somehow, I got distracted so was unable to complet the task as intended. Naturally, I only discovered this flaw in the plan once I came to eat it.

I went into Petrakis for some groceries as I was out of tomatoes and short of apples and oranges. I ate the last piece of banana bread the previous evening so was looking out for some riper bananas too.

I went into the sea upon my return for a quick swim before going back to the van. I stopped by to talk to some frequent customers and admire their huge puppy. Fanis, Elene and Dimitria had spent the night in M5 so we took the opportunity to catch up.

Fanis is an EMT so it was interesting talking about his experiences. He says it’s not much harder on Crete however Athens is another matter. They find cleaning the vehicle tedious when they’ve been transporting a known Covid sufferer. Elene has turned down the offer of a vaccine although Fanis has been vaccinated. Apparently, some of his colleagues have also declined it. He tells me that there have been only four fatalities attributable to vaccination so far on Crete. I’m not sure the total number of vaccinations but he says it’s a low risk. All died from thrombosis, one only minutes after receiving the vaccination whilst another died several days later.

Fanis was looking very fit which is a good thing considering the amount of bending and lifting he has to do. He tells me he does have some problems with one knee when crouching. Difficult when patients are on a low stretcher.

Elene was returning her rental bike to Paleochora so joined us later. She said that she was still struggling with her diet and had not gone back to the vegan diet after her first trial. She has decided to adopt alternate day fasting to improve her wellbeing and hopefully lose weight. She was planning to fast completely on the fasting day however I suggested she might want to eat a light evening meal at least to begin with. She has lost weight and was looking well but she feels she’s still struggling with her addiction to food and that alternate day fasting in one of its forms might offer a sustainable way for her to achieve her goals.

By now, my shorts were getting dry as we’d been chatting for so long. It was great to see them again and Dimitria has grown into a fine young lady of sixteen.

It was when I went back to the dogs that I discovered I’d left my breakfast on the counter and not in the Pot. I released and fed the dogs once I’d finally put on my breakfast to cook.

The morning was soon at an end. Janne and Erica went into downtown Paleochora to generally let their hair down and to drink orange juice. There’s a couple who really know how to live! Later, Erica came to ask if I could show her how to review the video from their camera however, having transferred her to the newest app, I discovered motion had been turned off probably to save recording space. She didn’t much fancy reviewing several hours of video in realtime for some reason.

I’d found an hour to make banana bread which was cooling gently in the oven. People were starting to leave the camping after the weekend so it will be quiet enough again tomorrow.

Tony spent some time sanding down wooden table-tops outside the workshop earlier. He stained them dark oak this afternoon I understand. There has not been a whole load of other activity on the camping.

A warm and sunny day with just a few clouds and some light wind on this the 77th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 1944.

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