The cicadas are back

The dawn was a little cloudier than recently.

The moon has only a few more days left of this cycle

There was no one around today except for the guy who comes in his truck every morning around 06:10 to take a photo of the sunrise. He draws up at the top of the beach, we walk by and we exchange greetings. All very civilised and predictable. The sun is well behind the mountains now as in two week’s time, we’ll be heading back towards the Autumn Equinox and the days will begin to shorten again!

The only difference with this morning’s walk was that we ran along the Alonaki Beach Road to the end then descended to the river bed and back onto the beach. Even Luis managed to keep up!

We had some biscuits at Plakaki then set off back along the beach towards the beach car park and then over the rocks once more. There were no distractions with furry animals in the rocks although Oskar went to check to be certain.

I wanted to get up to the office early to sort out my Windows computer which was having problems remembering the wireless network. I quickly made up some bread starter before going up to reception. I was walking out of the door by 07:20 having completed my mission. There was no sign of Maria who was probably in her room.

I drank my tea, Elevated my brain then cycled off up the mountain via Panorama. It was quite an easy climb with only a few passing vehicles on the lower leg.

I rode back to the camping then went to bob around in the sea for fifteen minutes before releasing and feeding the dogs. It was starting to warm up so I plonked myself down to drink some more tea.

I’ve spent much of the day fiddling with network settings and installing some cunning software which should help me to discover why there are occasional temporary pauses in the WiFi. Now is the time to mess around with the WiFi because there are few customers and the Holiday in a couple of weeks will be a good opportunity to test any modifications. Not such a good idea to leave it until the camping is heaving with punters.

The noises-off department were pouring yet more concrete on the new villas. There has been limited activity lately and I suspect they will not be ready to open in June, not this June anyway.

There were a couple of support calls from Inter Sport but quiet otherwise. Maria was bleating on about not being able to scan however I expect that’s more to do with user-error than anything else. Concentration span of a gnat!

It has also been fairly hot so wandering around the camping has also been low on my list of priorities. Luckily, I did lots this morning.

Skinny has had a very demanding day lying in the van doorway. He and Isabella were romping in the sea and generally racing around by the Big Beach earlier. It must have taken it out of him as he’s prone on the matting near me right now.

The cicadas started their chirping over the weekend but there were none close by. That has changed now as there are some in the carobs by the van.

It’s still ov
er 30C and it’s been quite warm today

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