Dining out

I should have listened to Ursula and made sure Fido went out at bedtime. He needed to go out around 03:00 so I found myself standing patiently awaiting his return which was accelerated by my request to hurry.

The dogs left the gate like greyhounds from a trap. I caught up with Luis halfway across the field and Obi at the top of the beach. There was a large [expensive] pickup a little further down with a proximity alarm which made little chirping noises whenever a dog went too close. In the beach car park, the pretty BMW SUV had been left with the lights switched on so the driver might be having problems starting. I thought it was impossible to leave the lights on nowadays as modern cars do all that sort of thing on your behalf. The tents were in the same location however Oskar didn’t feel the need to visit them today.

There were only four dogs on the first biscuit distribution and I suspect Isabella had already run to the end of the Promontory and back anyway. There were more dogs at the entrance to the rocks though.

The American lady with Dexter was walking up the car park as we were going back to the camping. We walked up the road to the junction, she let Dexter go and we left them to it. Dexter is part American Pit-bull/hound so capable of looking after himself. We discussed the closeness of the trees leading to the new villas and various medical topics.

I bunged the dogs in the van then collected the long ladder from the storeroom to take down the camera which looks at the field. We need another camera in the kitchen and that one is more suited to the kitchen. I then went off up the mountain on my bike followed by a little visit to the sea.

The morning seemed to whizz by as I was mindful we would be going out to eat at 16:00 and I know that Erica likes to be punctual. I spent some time trying to get the camera to talk to the camping’s recorder without success. I was more successful getting the Windows PC to talk to the NAS.

It was sunny as we drove to Anydroi where the restaurant was almost empty. We took a shady table with a view of the gorge and enjoyed a very pleasant lunch. I had fennel pie and chickpeas with spinach and sweet potato. Pity about the large dollop of yogurt in the middle! It was all very good anyway. We were back at the camping around 18:30 which was lucky as I’d forgotten to leave the Doggy Rice to cook in the pot.

By this time, the sky had clouded over and the temperature cooled. The air was still and the cups of the anemometer were turning lazily. The three dogs confined inside were very pleased to come out and they all seemed quite pleased to see me. My first task was to put the Doggy rice in the pot and get that started.

The forecast for tomorrow and Friday is sunny with the possibility of scattered thunderstorms. Janne and Erica plan to walk from Azogires to Anydroi and back tomorrow but I suggested such weather would be insignificant to hardy Swedes like themselves. Once this weekend is over, I may consider taking down the awning sides and putting them away. Hopefully, I will have some windows made up in time for end of the summer season.

I see George eating from the food bowl on the fence. Interesting, as there is plenty of food in the storeroom and I filled up the water just now. If he prefers to perch on the fence to eat and risk getting barked at by the dogs …

Pleasant, warm and sunny but overcast in the evening. Possible scattered thunderstorms tomorrow and Friday. The sea had a few interesting lumps.

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