Turtle Eggs

Skinny, Fido and Isabella were clamouring to go out this morning at 04:15. I’m beginning to think I may as well just get up earlier and cut out the middleman. I let them out but then returned to bed as I wasn’t ready to get up. Fido returned and wanted to be let in but I suggested he might stay outside. The bigger dogs were playing reasonably quietly but vigorously first on the decking, then inside under the awning. If I’d planned to go back to sleep, I was wasting my time.

I got up at 04:50 so was putting on collars when the alarm sounded. All but Oskar presented themselves so I left his collar on the corner of the decking whilst I went to feed the cats. I had everything else ready so we set off. The dogs dashed out of the gate and were across the field in no time. I followed at a more leisurely pace but only Luis and Fido were with me at the first meeting location. Skinny is usually off anyway and a breathless Isabella arrived soon after.

We walked over the rocks and were coming back along the Big Beach when the dogs gathered around something by the foreshore. It was around 05:20 so there wasn’t much light about however I was able to make out a large turtle laying eggs into a carefully constructed hole in the sand. Oskar and Isabella were making a fuss at his new phenomenon and Oskar didn’t appear to be responding to his collar. It was only when we got back that I found Oskar’s collar on the corner of the decking where I left it. A remote collar it may be but it doesn’t work to well when a) not switched on and b) not attached to the dog.

We carried on the walk to Plakaki and back. The turtle was leaving as we returned to the beach and slid gently into the sea as I approached. I spent a few moments filling in the sand where the turtle had been interrupted by the dogs. We continued on and back to the van around 07:00.

I made up the Doggy Dinners before taking Isabella out for another walk, this time on Grammeno Beach where she introduced herself to Manos who was fishing, and Michael from the office, who was assisting. We changed course and did another lap of the Promontory with me throwing the ball for Isabella. I took her back and then went for a bike ride up the mountain followed by a swim.

It was still only 09:00, the Doggy Dinners were cooked but waiting to depressurise so I fed the dogs and made some tea.

Janne and Erica have started to pack up as they are leaving Grammeno on Sunday to give them time for an excursion before their flight home from Iraklion.

I had some support calls from Inter Sport so have been fairly busy.

The sky clouded over and there were a few spots of rain but no scattered thunderstorms as suggested by the forecast. Not here at least.

There are youthful shrieks from around the camping as we approach another weekend. I don’t know exactly how many are booked in for the weekend but I noted there were several motor homes as walked up to the office to collect a replacement circuit board for the TV which has been languishing in reception. Hopefully, this board will do the trick so I can have Juergen pick up the TV and return it to its rightful owner.

I see there is a fluffy pussy eating from the bowl on the fence. The dogs are either under my chair, under the decking or inside the van so her presence has, so far, gone undetected. Oskar has since appeared but I warned him about not barking at the pussies!

The June Fly Season is with us which is unsurprising as many of the greenhouses are being cleared of the spent tomato plants. We nearly always are blessed with a greater number of flies in June.

Slightly warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and a little wind as they day progressed.


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