My evening viewing included a NetFlix film called Extraction concerning the rescue of the son of an Indian drug baron who was in jail, from the clutches of his main competitor who was assisted with the resources of the state at his disposal. It was all good fun with plenty of action scenes and even a reasonably coherent story. This was reasonably complicated not helped by the fact that the film is in Hindi and English so requires subtitles in parts. It was a good way to pass 110 minutes.

I let Isabella out at bedtime so we had a quieter awakening. Her fidgeting around first thing gets the others on the move. This morning, all was quiet until I started moving around just before 05:00.

It was a quick exit as we were out at 05:11 so it only goes to show it can be done if the dogs are cooperative. The ‘bolt out of the gate’ seems to be slowing down slightly so I was able to catch up with some of them before arriving at the road. I could make out Skinny and Isabella on the beach in the distance.

I expected plenty of FreeLoaders as it was Sunday however we discovered no FreeCampers on the Promontory only a foreign motor home on Alonáki which has been a couple of nights then a couple of cars and a tent further up towards Plakaki.

The sky was clear but it wasn’t particularly light until we were crossing the rocks for the first time. The walk to Plakaki was uneventful other than steering Isabella away from the cars and back towards me. After that, the majority of the dogs kept close to the shoreline.

Kostas was leaving just as we arrived back at the Promontory. I saw him out later on his motorbike. The dogs bathed on the Big Beach.

There was no one around so we completed our Promontory tour and whiled away some time walking up Alonáki Beach as I hunted for unwelcome deposits.

I ran out of Banana Bread and wanted to make more so started to get everything ready and the job mostly complete before riding to Petrakis for some groceries. The BB has some additional ingredients from the ‘original’ recipe. A carrot through the cutter and half an apple, tahini, fresh ginger and lemming juice. The only other ingredient required was some bananas which were on my list.

The shopping trip was quite rapid as I went straight there and back without a diversion up any mountain or to cruise the streets. There were not that many customers at 08:15 on a Sunday. I went for a splash around in the sea once back at the camping. There were some lumpy bits due to the wind so I didn’t hang around. I knew that Erica and Janne wanted to leave around 10:30 so I wanted to feed the dogs before then as well as change from my wet shorts.

There was little to see when I passed by their caravan on my way back but Janne wanted to go for a last swim so he said they’d let me know then they were finally ready.

I fed the dogs and changed into dry shorts. I finished off the BB and that went into the oven. I then got on with starting the cabbage/carrot/potato mix as I had no more of that either. There are variations to that recipe too in the form of: spicy flakes, lemming juice, onion and garlic, pizza herb mix, pepper and a flax ‘egg’.

I said bye to the neighbours promising to look after the flowers and to water the cats who were playing on the vast expanse of empty decking. Janne has a good system for unpacking and packing up for their stays. It’s so much easier now he has this trailer and doesn’t have to shove everything into the caravan for them to take out before they can get in. They are going to Matala and then to Iraklion for their plane to Stockholm.

I cleared up the wreckage in the kitchen and then sat down having swapped the BB for the CCP mix (nothing to do with Russia and there’s a ‘C’ missing anyway). Both of the aforementioned have now been divided up and put in the fridge for later use. I have even prepared my supper!

Other than the various cooking activities, it’s been rather a relaxed day with little additional activity other than disposing of the poo early this morning. I have to be more discrete now that the field has been cleared. I find a different spot under some of the carob trees and spread out the poo to enable it to disperse more easily. At least when it’s warm and sunny, the poo dries out very quickly.

The Doggy Rice has cooked so I need to go to the kitchen to collect the final day’s DDs from the large fridge. I will need to make up some more DD’s tomorrow morning as well as some bread which is super-quick anyway.

A warm and windless beginning to the day but with some clouds and westerly wind later.


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