In Flagrante Delicto

I didn’t need to worry so much if the dogs made a noise early in the morning now that Erica and Janne are no longer here. There is no one nearby and I think all of the accommodation is empty too. Not that they should made noise first thing as we have the summer to go where there are bound to be people much closer.

The hoards left but Luis and Fido were not that far ahead as I followed along. There was little light but enough to see without a torch as it’s not the first time I’ve walked the route. Once more than halfway across the field, I turn off my torch as I’d rather see the broader picture than a pool of light in front of my feet.

Only one motorhome was on the beach and there were no cars in the beach car park. There was a lot of racing around by the dogs which is to be expected for the initial five minutes or so. I distributed biscuits and continued to the rocks for the second distribution. There were more takers there as Charlie managed to join us eventually. It’s always more exciting after a weekend as there are new and exciting smells left behind by the weekend’s visitors.

As I walked across the Big Beach in the company of Obi, Luis and Fido, who didn’t appear to be in a hurry, there was barking to be heard. Skinny was the first to bark and now accompanied by Oskar. I sent Oskar a ’shut up!’ message to which he complied instantly. The cause of the outburst could be attributed to the owner of the motorhome surreptitiously emptying his toilet cassette somewhere in the vicinity. I know that, despite it being June and officially The Season, the two [public] toilets remain resolutely locked. No one legitimately empties their WC cassette at 05:45. This guy was caught in the act except that we didn’t actually see him empty it more charge it up.

Onward to Plakaki where Oskar became waylaid by something which left him way behind the others once we were back at the Promontory. I had to summon him remotely from a vantage point at the other end of the beach where I could see him making his way back hurriedly.

A black pickup arrived and parked up as we were walking back from Plakaki followed shortly after by a car. The driver of the pickup had wandered off over the rocks. This I could make out from a distance. The two in the car were just disembarking their tackle as we arrived, however, so were close by. I reminded the dogs they didn’t need to befriend every stranger so the men were left to get their stuff out in peace.

The Big Beach was deserted so I expected the fishermen to be on the rocks, another popular fishing spot. Once we arrived, they were setting up their tackle and preparing for some intensive fishing. Some more reminders kept the dogs from veering off course and concentrated on following me. I distributed more biscuits and this time, all of the dogs were present.

No more excitement and we were back in the camping. Today, we actually managed to arrive back altogether – no stragglers. I put the dogs inside then joined them to prepare the Doggy Dinners for later. I wandered into the Customer Kitchen to pick up some more vegetables and remembered the two bags which have been in the display fridge for a while. I picked them up and added them to my tray of veg.

I discovered a goodly collection of fruit and veg consisting of some pears, oranges, lemons and avocados. Thank you very much whoever left all those behind! The had been bought at the end of May but were fresh as they were in the fridge. Only one avocado was too far gone.

The DD’s went in the pot and so I set off in an easterly direction on my bike. I had no idea where I was going but ended up at Anydroi having not been up there by bike for a while. It was a good run and is just over 20km and took around an hour.

I released and fed the dogs then sat down for a rest and a cup of tea. I might also have fallen asleep…

There were no real plans for the day other than to process the DD’s once they were cooked. I spent time trying to convince the PTZ camera to join the video recorder so that I can then put the camera into the kitchen. This camera has worked with the NVR previously yet it’s not playing ball now.

There have been visits next door to the kittens now that their minders have left. They seemed pleased to see me and the ginger one plonked himself on my lap and allowed me to pet him. The other two romped around or drank some of the milk left by Erica yesterday. I gave them some biscuits and changed their water.

There were no calls and no support emails so the day just drifted past. I’d decided I had enough bread so there was no need to make more. It was warm so the dogs were sleeping in their preferred locations. Hop-along was flat out in the former Boris compound.

It hasn’t been that hot as there’s been a wind since mid-morning. Quite gusty at times with a little tent flapping into the bargain.

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