We seem to have bolted out of the gate quite early this morning probably because I managed to get the dogs into their collars more quickly.

The initial view from the beach was far better than the previous day as the rain managed to clear the atmosphere of dust and pollution, what little there is around here.

Looking east from Alonáki Beach at 05:14. There is no cloud and the sky is clear.

The cooling effect of the rain in the night meant we kept a good pace going and I’d dug out my thin fleece which I kept on until I was back from my cycle ride.

Walking back from Plakaki, I noticed a car parked in the beach car park which I was sure wasn’t there earlier. There was no sign of anyone on the Big or the Small Beaches. Two fishermen/persons were later detected fishing from the rocks on the east side of the Promontory.

Dogs waiting for biscuits. Luis decided to enter the frame just after I took the picture and the others started to disperse

Back at the ranch, I had nothing to do except feed the kittens. No bread or Doggy Dinners to prepare so finished off my blog and posted it before departing for a trip up the mountain.

Looking southeast over Paleochora port with Gavdos on the horizon

During the descent I took a detour down to the mountain road which heads north to Kandanos, and back through Paleochora taking in the seafront and the departing ferry.

Bound for distant locations as well as Gavdos. The sea is very calm.

Even though I rode past Petrakis, I resisted the desire to go in there even though I needed a chicken piece for tomorrow’s Doggy Dinners. I shall definitely go there tomorrow as there are other items on my list.

I released and fed the dogs and removed some layers of clothing as the day was beginning to warm up. It was not windy to begin with however the sun has quickly dried up the ground and the wind is doing a good job of taking away the moisture.

I went to see how the kittens survived the dampness and have removed the blanket from their house as it was damp. I washed out their food box as leaves and dust had blown inside. They were nowhere to be seen so are gradually becoming more independent. As for Marika and her remaining three kittens, I’ve not seen them for several days. The only cat pestering me for food this morning was the big fluffy one which is becoming soppier by the day!

There have been a couple of support calls from Inter Sport, one concerning the telephones which is not my department so I gave advice and suggested they contact their telecoms provider. The other was Richard who was having problems with his .pdf files.

Μιχάλης and Tony have been moving more stuff into the workshop. This time it was a couple of display fridges from the mini market. I suspect they are broken or too shabby to be used so are perhaps being repurposed as storage. A loud noise indicated that Μιχάλης was moving the large, black tank which had adorned a spot in front of the customer kitchen for several weeks. I’m not sure of the purpose of the tank but it’s now opposite the workshop door.

Going past on my bike is going to be a little tricky however I tent to avoid that area which is infested with sharp objects just waiting to puncture a tyre.
Today’s low is 15.1C which confirms my need for a blanket during the night. The afternoon as been quite breezy but the ground has dried up nicely.


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