Peace at last!

It was just after 04:30 when I arose from my pit as I just happened to be awake so thought I might steal a march on the day. We were off on our walk in good time to view a cloudless sky to the east with the sun’s rays starting to make an impact.

The single light to the right of the others is the lighthouse which marks the small island just outside Paleochora port. 05:04

It was not as cool as yesterday. Fortunate as I hadn’t put on a fleece. It was a good incentive to not hang about so we were at the Promontory quite quickly.

From the rocks at 05:19. The sky is a little brighter
Men in a boat skulking 05:25

All the dogs managed to turn up so we were soon trotting over the rocks and causeway to head back northeast and on to Plakaki at the other end of the beach. For a change, Charlie was not wandering down Grammeno Beach!

It was hard to make out the positions of the dogs on the beach however they were all present at the other end, Luis slightly belatedly for a change. His legs are shorter…

Biscuits and back towards the Promontory for the second round.

Chairs and umbrellas quite near to the water’s edge. Perhaps the proprietor is unaware that even the Mediterranean has a tide of sorts. Fido ready to go back.

We made very good time on the return leg so I hung around on Alonaki Beach for a little while so that the dogs could explore. Skinny went off the furthest.

I needed to make bread and to go shopping so we returned to the van. I needed a little oil so slipped into the laundry room to acquire some. The starter was prepared and some dough put together. I’m not sure of the flour ratios as I wasn’t paying attention.

I needed stuff for the Doggy Dinners so got on my bike and rode to Petrakis. It wasn’t long before I was on my way so went on a diversion up the other side of the the mountain from the Kandanos road which is steeper. Not such a good plan with shopping in the bags. The top section of road has recently been replaced so looks very smart with its fresh while lines.

At the camping, I went down for a swim before letting out the dogs. It was probably around 09:15 by now so I finished off the DDs before feeding the dogs.

On my way back from the beach I was waylaid by one of the kitchen staff who was moaning about the cats constantly pestering them. I suggested they use a water spray to discourage them and to stop feeding them! There were several cat meat foil wrappers littered around nearby. If you feed the cats, they’ll come to the same location for more food. It’s not rocket science!

With the DDs on and the dogs fed, I tidied up, put the shopping away and sat down with my cup of tea.

I was soon busy on my computer, not that I had any particular job in mind. The day warmed up so I fell asleep in the warmth of the sun for a little while.

There were no support calls except for Simon who couldn’t sign in to his PDF application.

I eventually summoned up the energy to process the DDs around 14:00 and noticed the dough was rising well too.

The afternoon strolled by so I baked the bread whilst there was plenty of sunshine. Not that it matters as I have power to spare. After thirty minutes I wanted to removed the loaf from the bread tin for the last fifteen minutes but discovered it was stuck as I’d been parsimonious with the oil when lubing the tin. I eventually extracted the bread without destroying it.

I could see the kittens were nearby so went round to feed them. Luis and Isabella were being particularly annoying by barking at the cats so found themselves inside the van upon my return.

A couple more forays into the camping to take the vegetables to the fridge and the DD’s to the display fridge in the customer kitchen. The Doggy Rice was nearly ready as I returned.

It’s wondrously quite at present so I’m loath to get out of my chair to feed the dogs as that is guaranteed to create some fuss.

Lots of banging outside the gate from Tony and Michalis who are finally dismantling the old caravan which has been parked at the top of the camping for as long as I can remember. Hopefully, that old catering van will be next together with the Mk1 Grammeno Ferrari. There can’t be much left of that which is any use and the clutter takes up valuable parking space and looks messy.

Another cooler night but warm enough during the day. The sea didn’t appear that warm but it was probably my imagination.

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