World Albatross Day

The morning was warm but I dragged on my thin fleece with my t-shirt to save mucking around. In deference to the proximity of the neighbours, I put collars on Obi, Isabella and Charlie, who were outside, then took the remaining collars inside. It’s much quicker that way as they cannot suddenly disappear other than to the driver’s footwell.

We managed to escape without excessive racket so were soon charging across the field towards the beach.

From the rocks at 05:25

A solitary car was parked in the beach car park so I was on the lookout for a tent. All but Luis contained their surprise as they went out onto the sandy bit before the rocks at the end of the Promontory. I was caught off guard so it took a few seconds for me to charge my phaser and silence the Luis. Our presence and Luis’ barking didn’t seem to disturb the tent-dweller’s slumbers as the snores persisted.

We stopped as usual before walking the rocks then continued on towards Plakaki. It was at this point I noticed the absence of Charlie who’d been with me only a short time before. I attempted to recall him but with the others hanging around, I left him behind.

We were soon at Plakaki, others sooner.

Skinny and Isabella speeding towards Plakaki
Skinny and Isabella speeding away from Plakaki

Skinny was practicing being a hunting dog so showing how fast he could run. It’s worn him out as he’s been comatose for much of the remainder of the day.

The Snorer was still snoring as we traversed the rocks for the second time as Kostas was harvesting his salt. He seemed a little grumpy this morning. Perhaps the phase of the moon…

The snores continued as we passed silently this time and back to the Big Beach were we were joined momentarily by Charlie who appeared from nowhere. It was short-lived as he disappeared again almost immediately. Back on Alonaki Beach, we waited a little longer then went back to the van.

I was on a mission as I wanted to get to the office for the keys to the mini-market so I could set up the till before everyone was about. It was a quick in-and-out job as I had everything I needed with me plus spares. I locked up both locations then went to check on the kittens. They were nowhere to be seen so I put down some food and went back to the van. Their mother was lurking near the storeroom so I picked her up and petted her.

As I sat in the loo, some English-speaking passers-by were being mobbed by some of the cats. One of them commented about nobody feeding them. There are no under-fed cats here!

Time was not on my side so I got onto my bike for a ride to Paleochora via Panorama then down the eastern side stopping at Petrakis en route. There were other customers including several foreigners which was a bind as they clutter the place up as they don’t know where everything is. Many Greek supermarkets stock plenty of lines but usually in a building designed for fewer. My ride back to the camping was uneventful. I stopped at Reception as Michael was waiting to ask me about the shop till. I took him in to show him the setup as it will be Maria and him who are there mostly.

Maria was in the office and promptly went on to demonstrate how she was unable to print a certain PDF. To her annoyance, the document printed flawlessly however I didn’t labour the point. Ι showed her how she can check the print queue for herself. Not that there were documents stuck in it.

Even though it was around 09:15, I parked my bike and went for a very pleasant swim in a very calm sea. Someone was further out and going for it with lots of front crawl. I contended myself with slower progress and to savour the experience.

The punters were all up and about so I released the dogs and fed them before making a cup of tea. I then started to make up some dough followed closely by some Banana Bread and later, some carrot/potato/cabbage mix which has evolved to include fresh ginger, apple and various spices. I didn’t include hot chilly this time.

The afternoon has been spent cooking these items as well as a small amount of sleeping.

Oskar won the Order of The Collar and Luis came close to it. Isabella joined them in the SDC where they’ve spent much of the day. Things are not easy for the dogs as there are young children with strange gadgets close by, as well as an excitable and barky small dog. New arrivals have blessed us with additional dogs so I’m very pleased not to have to go out through the camping with the dogs in the morning!

An outburst from Luis has landed him with the other bark collar so things should be quiet for a while. The others tend to take notice when I start handing out collars: except Luis, of course.

It has been warm, sunny and airless for most of the day. There’s a sea breeze now so the punters should get plenty of ash with their BBQ’d meat. The customer kitchen is busy and the Internet speed has dropped as there are more people using it and it’s a weekend anyway.

Luis has just proved that his bark collar is working correctly. The wonders of technology! Woof, woof ouch!

The forecast is for increasing warmth and plenty of sunshine for the Holiday Weekend and next week.

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