Summer Solstice

Welcome to the Summer Solstice 2021. For Eastern Europe, the Solstice was at 06:32, in the UK, 04:32. I didn’t feel the earth move but I did remark the time.

One of my close neighbours has a cough which must drive the other inmates in his tent crackers. I snore loudly and sometimes talk in my sleep so I’m certain the neighbours, who were allocated the rental rent, were very comfortable. However, we managed to get out the gate in reasonable order without undue racket.

The Snorer was still in the same position and there were other tents on the east side of the Promontory at the proximal end. This location appears to be very popular.

There were some maggots on Ammos Beach sun loungers near to the sea. A couple of mature divers were preparing to go hunting around the rocky areas of the Promontory and had the pleasure of the company of the dogs as they changed. I was unaware of this until I caught up to discover the dogs being waggy and friendly as well as silent. Otherwise our early morning foray was practically uneventful.

There were six cars however only one tent on the main part of the Promontory.

Once back at the van, I checked on the kittens who were not present although all of the food had been consumed. With the number of people in the camping, I shouldn’t be at all surprised if they have decamped to the field where it’s quieter. So long as they keep out of the reach of any dogs of course.

I had the dough from last night to put into a bread pan which I did before departing for the mountain pass and back.

I was looking forward to a swim but was not alone as it was a little later than normal. Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable swim before returning to change and to feed the dogs.

The remainder of the morning was reasonably soporific as it was warm and sunny. I Elevated my brain and browsed the Internet. Later, I found the four-gang universal plug socket I’d carefully secreted in the doggy cage as well as the PTZ camera I couldn’t get to adopt to the recorder last year.

I amused myself by wiring up the socket with the remote control device I received a little while ago. The controller has four channels so can control four devices or plug sockets. I adapted the multiple sockets so that each was switched independently by the controller. Now, for example, the ceiling fan will go off at 21:00 and can be turned on remotely, using a button on the controller or via a timer. The same applies to the other three sockets of which one has my bike battery charger attached. This I charge early in the morning so that it’s ready to go when I want to go for a ride around 08:00. So long as I plug the battery into the charger. I can also start it remotely from my boudoir. The number of times I’ve got up out of bed to switch the thing on or check that it’s charging.

As with all things, the controller project consumed far more time than I anticipated so it’s a little later than usual. I managed to put on the Doggy Rice which has just depressurised.

There has be the sound of people taking down tents this afternoon and I should imagine there are far fewer people on the camping. The restaurant looked busy earlier but the general noise level has decreased dramatically as I expect there has been a mass exodus.

The dogs have been surprisingly restrained. No dog was put in the SDC and I’ve only had to tell off the likes of Oskar, Luis and very occasionally, Isabella who was content to remain asleep under the decking. Luis slept under my chair and was only forced to bark occasionally under extreme provocation: loud whistling, cats disagreeing or loud human vocal outbursts the other side of the fence. At one point, a band of young children came chasing into Erica and Janne’s area, presumably playing some sort of game. Several of the dogs were at the fence within moments and the children were gone seconds later. I took no action just left it to the professionals.

I went out moments ago to bring the Doggy Dinners which I placed in the large fridge this morning. Only the rental tents persist north of me and two other families were packing up. I wonder how much stuff will have been forgotten and left in the fridge. I’ve just finished the last of the pears kindly left from the previous busy weekend.

Warm and sunny with a high of 32.1 at 17:10(!). The forecast is for progressively warmer weather for the next few days

All downhill to the September Equinox and winter!

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