Not so hot or humid

I was too hot in the night despite a pathetic fan heater on cold to keep me cool(er). I gave up my pit and relocated to a chair outside on the decking where is was a lot less hot than inside. Part of the problem was that the van had not been adapted to summertime weather. This includes opening all of the openable windows and removing the Perspex roof dome at the rear. This gives open season to the mosquitoes however the fan at the rear of the van is on nearly constantly and I have an insect tent over my bed at all times. There used to be mosquito blinds however the last of these died a couple of years ago. The one for the roof light is pretty ineffective so better to just give up the unequal struggle and light the occasional incense stick.

There was a great deal of loud talking and shouting coming from Alonaki Beach side so I guessed some young people were having a nighttime get together. Very naughty as curfew is not officially over!

The thermometer outside under the awning showed 31C as I started to get the dogs mobilised. I could still hear sounds from the beach so guessed the party was still in progress.

The dogs raced out of the starting gate and were soon engaging with the group on the beach. I was unable to gauge how successfully as it was still dark but the people seemed to be making the right sounds and the dogs were making none. One chap was going to the back of his car muttering incantations as I walked by. I made a sharp noise which might appear to be directed at the dogs. Surprised, the man apologised and I melted into the darkness with the dogs soon to follow.

It was still hot and fairly humid so my enthusiasm for great activity had drained away. The dogs were not dashing around quite as madly either. I slowed the pace and we even spent time sitting on the rocks looking at Paleochora in the distance as the sky slowly brightened.

From a vantage point looking east

We moved slowly across the Big Beach then to the car park and Alonaki Beach to discover the party had departed leaving several open beer cans. I loafed on a sun lounger whilst the dogs investigated. We continued to Plakaki in reasonable order although Oskar was spooked by some nylon shelter on the return leg. He didn’t even notice it on the way out!

Kostas was collecting salt as he arrived as we were leaving. We saw him in the distance but that was it. He was still there when we left but no one else.

I took the dogs back and put them in the van before going for a swim. I felt I was unlikely to make it up the mountain without stimulation so a swim might be the answer. The water was almost completely calm and I was alone except for a walker and child who crossed the beach heading for the Promontory.

I went back to the van, changed to dry shorts, Elevated my brain and got on my bike before pedalling off into the distance. The pass was still at the highest point in the road and it seemed to take a little longer today. I went down the east side, through Paleochora to Petrakis for some shopping. It was quite busy as the restaurant people were getting in their supplies.

I rode back and went for another swim as by now I was hot and sweaty again. There still wasn’t much activity in the sea other than the Australian woman with her fractious little son. The bar was open so some customers, mostly staff, were drinking coffee.

I spoke briefly with the woman but her son was pretty stressed so I chickened out leaving her with the problem.

I released and fed the dogs once I’d changed. Two lots of wet shorts on the line. Despite the swims, I was not feeling very active since the night was disjointed due to the heat and the the noisy group on the beach. I’d been busy the day before so spent much of the time reading, browsing the Internet of dealing with the one and only support call form Richard T at Inter Sport.

It was another hot day so I had the big fan going together with the ceiling fan. I spent the day surrounded by dogs as they thought in front of the fan was also a good place to be.

The inside of the van was in more turmoil that ever as I discovered one of the dogs had had a gastric incident resulting in two areas of puke. The covers, what’s left of them, were washed last April when Isabella was unwell with the Pancreatitis. You can imagine how disgusting they were. I pegged them to the line and sprayed water from the hose to remove the puke and other dirt. They are dry and back on the cushions. I decided that my next abode will have no soft furniture just folding chairs. Dogs can have blankets on the ground in the winter and sprawl on the floor when it’s hot in summer. The floor will be insulated anyway. I swept and mopped the floor so the van is slightly more civilised. The ‘gastric event’ was almost certainly due to some horrid ‘find’ whilst out this morning. Some dogs really are quite revolting!

Luis and Fido have been close to the fan much of the day but Isabella was in pole position. With her departure, the brothers have now moved closer to the fan whilst Skinny is still out flat under my chair. Obi and Charlie are out on the decking now that the sun is behind the building and the air temperature is falling. The cicadas are chirping noisily. There seems little noise from elsewhere which is surprising as Maria said all accommodation was booked for the weekend. The Doggy Rice is ready and they are starting to move around as it’s cooler and might like some sustenance.

It was consistently hot with only brief moment below 30C. The feels like temperature was nearly 40C at times.
Another hot but not so humid day. Yesterday was over 80% humidity at times during the early morning.

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