Cooler result

The night was warm but better than others of recent days. The dogs had ideas of getting up at 04:25 but I wasn’t up for it opting for a more leisurely approach after my active day.

There had been some loud music from Alonaki Beach during the night. I recall there being a similar event last year with revellers still abroad at walk time. Not a soul was to be seen as we walked the beach road to the Promontory.

The only other soul we met was a man collecting Horta on the rocks. Luis was caught unawares so had to bark at him. The man took it in his stride. The only other human life form was Kostas who waved from afar.

I was pleased to get back so I could dump the dogs and go into the sea for a quick swim. I needed to do some shopping so it would only be quick. It was great to slip into the cool water and swim around for a while.

My ride into Paleochora was against a northeasterly breeze and hot. There was loads of produce outside Petrakis so I was spoilt for choice. There were quite a few restaurant people too. I think I remembered everything so cycled back for another quick dip before returning to the dogs.

It was already hot. Indeed the temperature under the awning was over 40C at one point. The high for this year is still 24 June although 38.4C at 13:41 wasn’t a bed attempt. It was fairly demanding sitting and trying to do anything but I sent an email to the Symphony stockist about the cooler as it was more than somewhat topical. She replied that they could supply a new unit but that my local aquarium stockist in CHANIA had a suitable pump for a mere 10.5€ so I ordered two for delivery in a couple of days. Result!

The dogs have spent much of the day endeavouring to find a cool(er) place to lie or wandering around panting and dribbling on my feet. Now that the sun is past the storeroom and it’s an icy 34.4C, there is more activity.

As well as the cooler emails, there was some support admin for EG and an email from Richard T to say that a new mouse solved his Outlook problems. I was hardly rushed off my feet and I wouldn’t wish to have been anyway. There has been no further tidying of the decking area as one can get too much of a good thing especially when it’s hot.

A warm start with a warm wind later giving the impression of a fan oven. Too hot for comfort


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