New pumps – Service!

It was hot again last night but I managed to watch the final episode of To The Manor Born. I’d forgotten how it ended but it was a foregone conclusion.

Isabella had the fidgets early in the morning which detracted from my slumbers. I sat outside before bedtime to dry off after a shower and fell asleep. I actually got into/onto my bed at 00:30.

The Early Walk was lethargic due to the heat. Dogs disappeared into the water several times with Skinny and Isabella rushing and splashing along the shoreline chasing imaginary or otherwise birds.

Progress was slow, we were late out as my progress was slow so it was later back at the end. I went for a swim to Libya and back, well, the small island off the Small Beach to be precise. I traded a bike ride for a longer swim and preparing the Doggy Dinners. I’ve been in the water three times today.

I had a second swim once the DDs were done and another once the DDs had been processed. This time, it was from Alonaki Beach.

There was a support call from Inter Sport as they had no computers or telephones. There was a power failure in the office which caused the servers to shut down once the backup power ran out. The data backup hadn’t yet completed so that started once the server restarted. I had to restart the Exchange services by means of a script which ran very slowly due to the data backup which was consuming loads of resources. Data backup are carried out at night when there are fewer demands. An exciting start to the day.

Another support call was from Georgia who now know how to restart her wifi and reset it. Hopefully she won’t feel the need to call me. I understand that the unusually hot weather has caused the cockroaches which usually reside out of sight to become more adventurous so she was in a bit of a stew about that. She received a call so I excused myself.

Simon called about his Soda PDF software and we had a chat about his family and friends who have had to isolate.

I’d ordered two submersible pool pumps from an aquatics store in CHANIA and they arrived this evening. I went to collect them from the office to find Michael bored and on his own so we had a chat and a drink together. Peach-flavour ice tea is pretty good when it’s just out of the fridge in the mini-market. Thank you Micheal!

The dough I made this morning has risen a little but is now in the oven on a long, low bake in the hope it might rise a little more. This loaf is 50/50 whole rye and oats.

The dogs have had another difficult day due to the heat which didn’t quite make it above 40C under the awning. They were mostly lurking under the van or the decking. The floor fan has been on but blowing mostly hot air. I will properly clean and reassemble the fan tomorrow so we can have cooler air. I have a spare anyway.

Hot but with some wind at times. The sea was occasionally choppy but wonderful to get into.


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