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A group of young Greeks arrived at the camping yesterday afternoon and just happened to be caught in the motion video of the reception camera before I turned it off. The reporting not the recording. They are staying in some tents conveniently planted in a row in the central part of the camping opposite the customer kitchens. As expected from any group of young people, there was a certain amount of lively behaviour and associated noise which excited Luis on a couple of occasions. To excite Luis to bark isn’t exactly a difficult task. At bedtime, I went to the customer kitchens to put the DD’s in the big fridge and the place was deserted. I looked in the restaurant camera to see mostly staff enjoying the bar and restaurant. Judging by the disheveled state of the loungers on the beach this morning, I suspect the group spent their evening there. All was different when I walked past their tents at 05:00.

We met only Kostas from afar on our Early Walk. It seemed slightly cooler but we were also out slightly later. The pair of motohomes were still on Alonaki Beach but the only car was that of Kostas. The refuse truck passed as we were going back into the camping which was a fortunate coincidence.

I deposited the dogs, found a longer cable for the bar till and went for a quick swim before heading into Paleochora on my bike. I was overtaken during the journey by some tear-away in a Petrakis van. Yannis had been visiting the warehouse at Krios I should imagine. He was unloading as I arrived at the store. I did my shopping which included a new supply of black olives. The nice lady behind the counter generously ladled in my half-kilo which turned into 700 gms. I said not to worry when she discovered it was overweight. I indulge myself with black olives!

My next stop was the PAWS puppies where time became elastic due to an Austrian couple who’d come to give them some treats. They very generously gave the puppies a bag of doggy biscuits and some doggy sausage which disappeared immediately. The couple are considering offering one of the puppies a home so wished to know the procedure. I pointed them in the direction of Heike and then got on my way.

It was 09:40 by the time I arrived back at the camping and got into the sea after my bike ride. It was just perfect to slip into the sea.

I released and fed the dogs then put away the shopping and made some tea. It wasn’t long before I got another call from Inter Sport about their server as there was another power outage in the office. I suggested they call an electrician as this shouldn’t happen on a regular basis. I’ve set the backup to abort if it passes its scheduled time so as not to have it running and slowing the system down during the working day when the server’s back online. My only other support call was from Simon about a PDF editing query.

I dedicated the remainder of the day to dismantling and refurbishing the cooler. It had been recently dismantled when I checked that the pump was faulty. I knew the reservoir was fully of dust and scale from the water. The heat-exchanging pads were equally contaminated with dust and doggy hairs. I had to make some modifications as the aquarium pumps are not a direct replacement for the original pump. The original has the suction side pointing down whereas this is on the side which is more sensible since it’s likely to pick up less grot from the sump.

I put the table into the middle of the awning area with the cooler on top. Naturally, the dogs were assisting by lying in awkward places so I had to step over them as I worked.

The cooler was eventually cleaned, the pump and wiring changed and all was reassembled. Despite carefully resetting the float valve to provide much deeper water so that the suction side of the pump was always under water, some modifications were required. I can get the side off to access the float quite quickly now.

I sat in my chair for well-deserved rest to wake up sometime later surrounded by dogs enjoying the cool air. It was only when I went into the van to put on the Doggy Rice that I noticed how much warmer it was inside! The new pump has done the trick so we now have a cooler which cools again!

Isabella has resumed her pole position directly in front of the air flow. I have set the lower directional louvres to point down, the upper set point upwards to my chair. It’s only fair to share.

The last day of June was as warm as the 24th so takes the title of equally hottest day of the year. That said, on average, today is the warmer day: 26.5C – 38.6C today. 21.4C – 38.8C on 24th.


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