I got up around 03:00 as it was too hot to sleep inside so sat in my chair for a while to chill out. It was much more comfortable outside and there didn’t appear to be too many mosquitoes. Later, I returned to my boudoir to finish the night.

A car was parked in the place occupied by the van which left yesterday. The two other vans are in the same locations. The car park was empty although fresh tracks in the sand indicated the presence of Kostas.

Looking over the bay towards Paleochora there were few lights to be seen as the power was still off from the day before. Indeed, the main generator was eventually fixed and ran all night to keeps the pumps running and the fridges and freezers operational. A Web of cables criss-crossed the camping,

We saw Kostas in the distance as his headlight was very powerful. Luis kindly helped by barking at him a little while. We continued our walk over the rocks and to Plakaki and back. There was quite a stiff, cooling breeze so it was much easier to walk than the day before. There were no further excitements, we returned to the camping so that I could start the Doggy Dinners.

The generator chugged away as did the one at Ammos beach bar. They too needed to keep their frozen food from thawing. The sound of the plane that picks up water to splash on the fire could be heard however the plane was harder to spot. The sky looked murky, probably from the smoke.

Having started the DDs, I went outside where I bumped into Michael who was heading for the sea. I joined him for an exciting swim in the far from placid sea whipped up by the breeze. Michael got out but I continued for a little while until I’d had enough of water in my ears and mouth. I fed the mother cat and her two remaining kittens. The larger, ginger one appears to have flown the nest although I did see one of Marika’s ginger girls later.

I got changed then set off for Petrakis as I needed some groceries. It was quite busy as I was there a little later. I didn’t linger so was soon on my way back. The breeze had moderated so it was easy riding back.

From here on it goes quiet as we settled down to do very little for the remainder of the morning. I was fiddling around with small IT jobs which included producing a notice to go on the office door tomorrow as the power will again be off from 11:00 – 15:00. Emergency repairs to the damaged power lines no doubt. Michael tells me he’ll be on his own tomorrow so I’m invited to come to play! Or get lumbered showing punters around the camping.

It has been a lot cooler for the first time in several days. At some points, the wind has been quite strong but is calmer now. I might even consider turning off the pump on the cooler as just air on its own should be enough.

Isabella made the mistake of being with Luis when he went to bark at one of the cats so now finds herself locked in the SDC. This is very annoying for both as we’re coming up to supper time.


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