Happy Birthday Emily!

It was a warmer night so some of the dogs had the fidgets. Fortunately, there were no close neighbours which make life more relaxing.

We were out around 05:20 and heading towards the beach car park where there were three cars. I suspected that some of the FreeLoaders were nearby on the east side of the Promontory. Oskar pointed out a tent which was a little further into the Promontory. Otherwise, we walked speedily towards the rocks where we gathered for roll call. It was getting light so we headed back down towards Plakaki.

Some more vans had spring up overnight including a pickup and a yappy dog. We passed by initially undetected but the dog yapped a little after a while. The dogs were mostly with me and uninterested in investigating the vans/pickup/dog.

It seemed very quiet at Plakaki so we had some biscuits then turned back towards the Promontory. We walked up the middle on the Big Beach circumventing the Small Beach where it turned out there was no one. We watched a shirtless Kostas collecting salt then wandered down through the lagoon where Obi went swimming in the soupy water.

It was only when we were almost at the entrance to the Promontory that another yappy dog, from the tent, started making a racket. My lot were interested in investigating but I called them back so that we could continue on our way.

We were back and inside the van as the clock struck 07:00. The dogs were soon asleep so I made tea and washed up from the night before.

After Elevating my mind I got on my bike for a ride eastwards, destination unknown. My initial plan was to go half way up the mountain but was eventually gripped with enthusiasm and rode to the pass. Siri announced I’d ridden 5km but I couldn’t quite make out the pace information. At the top, I turned around to speed down again. All a little pointless really. I turned off and went back through Paleochora coming out next to Petrakis but not going inside.

I stopped at Alonaki as I did yesterday and went swimming. The sea was calm and there were very few people at 09:00. I rode the small distance back to the camping and fed the mummy pussy and he two remaining kittens. I’d released the dogs who were peering through the fence as I petted the mother and her kittens. The small black kitten has mastered the art of eating solid food which I’d decanted into a bowl by their little houses. I didn’t put out too much as there’s a lot of competition with ants. I fed the big fluffy pussy (AKA The Villain) and Moustache. Then I fed the dogs who’d been waiting patiently and silently. Something to do with them still having their collars on I suspect.

There wasn’t much activity on the camping not that I walked down very far. Judging by the number of devices on the network, it cannot be very busy.

I thought I’d get ahead and make up some dough seeing as tomorrow there are Doggy Dinners to prepare and cook. I should have everything I need to get them on the go early. It will be Monday so the camping will be very quiet.

Under different circumstances, there would be groups of foreign kids visiting the island however they are but a distant memory. I suspect, the way things are going, it will be mostly domestic visitors for the summer with a smattering of more adventurous foreigners in September/October. I no longer have access to the booking calendar as I’ve not bothered to ask for the new password so I’m unable to see the booking situation.

I’ve been discovering new features of the Beta Apple software as my devices are now updated although I’ve not examined everything as yet. Certainly, the new multitasking system is much easier to manage. It’s possible to create different combinations of tasks and then to switch between them. All good useful stuff. Also, the file manager is more like Mac OS so more useful.

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