I watched Miss Marple solve another crime and then a few minutes with Young Sheldon to finish up. I was in bed just after 22:00 and slept almost until the alarm.

The morning was bright and reasonably cool so I set off with a T-shirt on which I removed for the Plakaki leg of the walk. We discovered a couple of maggots by the entrance to the Big Beach as we were walking back. I guessed there was a disturbance in the Force by the earlier reactions of Luis and Oskar. I said a cheery Good Morning as we walked past.

The caravan with the yappy dog half way up Alonaki Beach has two yappy dogs. Isabella was heading idly in the direction of the caravan when the dogs started barking. She changed course and headed back towards me. The dogs were still yappy as we came back and the maggots still on the beach. We went another way to skirt around them.

A fisherman was on the rocks at the end of the Promontory and Kostas was about as his 4×4 was parked by the cave. We came back to the field where a large truck with a long elephant’s trunk was delivering yet more concrete to the villa project.

We went into the van and I prepared the DD’s for the pot. Once that was done, I got on my bike to ride to Paleochora. I’d not remembered to charge the battery which was low so I decided to stick to the flat and pedal harder. I stopped at Petrakis where there was a huge array of fresh produce arranged on the pavement outside. I needed oranges and bananas amongst other things.

My next stop was the PAWS puppies which now number seven. Some of the larger, older ones are no longer there. I petted them and fussed them before going on my way. It’s important to master the ‘puppy shuffle’ to try to avoid stepping on them.

I made it back to Alonaki where I went for a swim then to the camping to release the dogs. Alonaki was calm with hardly a ripple.

The DDs were cooked but I got on with feeding the dogs and making the tea. Later, I made some potato/carrot/cabbage mix before processing the DDs: I’ve not been idle.

I had a chat with Rodney whose brother has terminal oesophageal cancer so is pretty poorly. Rodney was been going down to help out as Graham is having chemo to try to prolong his life so it wiped out by the treatment. Fortunately, Graham’s wife is a former EMT so understands the process. A difficult time for all concerned.

It has been quite breezy occasionally but mostly sunny and warm. The forecast is 30-32 for much of the week. It will be windy on Wednesday.

Oskar and Luis made the decision to remain in the van so it’s very calm and quiet right now. The Doggy rice is cooked and has depressurised so it’s merely a matter of feeding the dogs an then myself. Skinny is sitting looking neglected.


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