Still there…

The motorcycle and the associated maggots were still in the same location although the maggots had arranged themselves more neatly. We walked past them twice only and they might possibly not have noticed. Other than a van, which has been present for a couple of days, these are the only incumbents at present. It will become draughty tomorrow and particularly on Thursday so it remains to be seen how long they remain to be seen.

Other than Kostas who called some of the dogs over to him, there was little other activity except for the guy in the pickup who is there most mornings long enough to take a photo. We were too far away when he arrived so we were unable to exchange greetings.

I’d intended making early morning changes to the camping WiFi but, for some reason, I was unable to get the changes to save. I got on with Elevating my brain and training my mind to be mindful.

Once more, I’d forgotten to put my bike battery on charge so had done this before leaving for the walk. I was a little bolder this morning so went up the mountain to the pass then down through Paleochora centre and back to Alonaki where I went swimming. I might have done better on the Grammeno Beach side seeing as there was a breeze from the east northeast. Still, not going to Grammeno Beach on a regular basis keeps everyone guessing. My swim was quite enjoyable other than the slightly annoying waves.

I released the dogs having extracted myself from my wet shorts which I dumped in the bowl of fresh water I keep by the steps to the decking. I had a useful poo collection before feeding the dogs.

I sat down to read my mail but quickly fell asleep. Something to do with getting up before dawn, walking the dogs, riding up a mountain and swimming for twenty minutes. I’m sure the mindfulness helped too.

I had some IT tasks of an uninspiring nature and some admin to perform. I thought I’d stay ahead with the bread so made some dough which is now baked and cooling in the oven. There it will stay until required tomorrow evening to cure unless I eat all the bread for supper. I seem to be getting on well with bread made from oats and rye as I don’t sneeze excessively or get snotty.

Oats and rye

I’ve just fed the cats which were parading on the fence in front of an empty bowl. The food I put in the fence bowl is exactly the same as I put in the bowls in the houses and in the bowls in the storeroom. It’s even less interesting than usual as I’m consolidating so have mixed up the least interesting food with what I had in the large container. Still, so long as there’s food to be had, that’s the main thing.

Almost completely still for much of the day. That will change for the next few days


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