The morning was the calmest part of the day as it’s been pretty windy since then. The motorbike and maggots have now become part of the scenery so we just pass them by on our way. The sea was calm and only Kostas was making any noise as his pump pushed seawater along the hose as he filled the depressions in the rocks. Kostas arrived at the Promontory just as we were leaving after the first circuit and enjoys calling to the dogs as he passes. It’s possible the maggots were disturbed for a few moments.

Siri now announces progress during workouts by giving an update after each km and announcing the closing of circles too. Progress along the shingle of Alonaki to Plakaki and back is brisker than that over the rocks and through the sand. Siri doesn’t say a lot when you’re swimming though. He announces performance after each 5km when cycling. It’s a useful feature of the new OS.

I wanted to change one of the WiFi networks at the camping so got on with that once I’d made tea and put the dogs inside. I’ve discovered it’s just as easy to delete the network, reset the controller and access points and recreate it than to try to mess around with it. So this is what I did. As far as I know, it’s working as expected and my iPhone is connected to it and still working.

I went to do some shopping. Mostly cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. When it’s hot, I’m happy to eat salad until it comes out of my ears. I continued on to the the PAWS puppies to find they are no longer there so presumably relocated. I went in a circle back to Grammeno via Alonaki where I swam for a while. There were still some annoying ripples and it was much more difficult swimming into rather than with the wind. The sea will be lumpy for the next couple of days.

I needed to get on with the EG mailbox cull which I’d been putting off as it requires concentration, is boring and quite demanding. I’ve spent much of the day on that except when I fell asleep in an attempt to escape the boredom.

A message from Rodney confirmed that his brother, Graham has stage four oesophageal cancer and so in a lot of pain. Andrea is finding it difficult when Rodney goes to be with Graham. I’ve been trying to help smooth things over.

Georgia called to ask if I was still alive having not seen me around for so long. She wanted to have a chat but I said I was too busy.

Oskar has found it difficult to settle due to the strong wind. He’s been wandering around quite noisily at times. I’ve shut him and Luis inside as this is generally a noisy time of the day as supper time approaches and the dogs wake up having been asleep for much of the day.

This is not helped by the lively behaviour of the cats who chase each other and play together with enthusiasm. Yesterday evening, Fred and Hop-along were having a standoff which was disrupting everyone so I blasted all of them with my water canon to restore order. The dogs are particularly scatty when it’s windy.

Another rental car has joined the one parked in their compound at CBV so it looks as though at least two villas are let to foreign customers. I had noticed increased activity on the part of Xanthippos.

The outlook for tomorrow is persistently windy and Friday will have strong winds in the early hours. I may decide to take down the south-facing sun blocker at bedtime to protect it from damage. It’s new as I bought it only last summer so I’d like it to last and to not be damaged by strong winds.

Quite warm with a high of 35.1C accompanied by strong winds gusting to nearly 60km/h