Youthful voices punctuated the comparatively quiet night. They caused some doggy unease which resulted in a little fidgeting. The voices appeared to come from the beach in front of the camping and probably emanated from a group of young people staying at the camping. The wind was a lot calmer than forecast which was a benefit however it’s likely to be very windy tonight and tomorrow if the prediction is correct.

There was very little of the moon so you’ll need to look hard

There was the occasional windy interlude which helped keep the mosquitoes at bay when we stopped occasionally for some biscuits.

The maggots had rearranged themselves as we found one had wriggled down onto the beach not far from the water’s edge. The dogs appeared uninterested and even Luis made no comment. We continued on to Plakaki although progress was a little slow due to general lethargy.

Kostas was nowhere to been seen as there were no fresh tyre tracks. We walked through the lagoon where Isabella and Obi had a swim.

Skinny cheering Obi on
We sat to admire the sea and sky from a vantage point. Lassitude…

I put the dogs in the van then went for a swim in case the wind got up. I went on the Alonaki side so was able to watch Xanthippos ride past on his Silver Charger heading to work at CBV. There are still two villas let so swimming pools to maintain. I don’t know whether he saw me as I walked back to the van as he was busy.

Invigorated following my swim, I prepared the Doggy Dinners before departing for a ride into town. Not to do anything in particular though. I stopped to encourage a small dog from trotting down the road and eventually got him onto the cycleway where I saw him head off towards the sea.

Riding past Petrakis there was plenty of activity but I was not lured within so continued my circuit past the port and then back to the camping. One swim would be enough as it was now 09:00 and the sea had developed lumps.

I sat down in my chair and suddenly it was 09:45! The dogs were quietly and patiently waiting for some food-action so I prised myself up and doled out some grub, first to Isabella then the others. The DDs were cooked but still under pressure.

The morning became windier so I considered taking down the south sail shade but wanted to leave it until the sun was further round. I noticed some annoying straggly bits of hair so proceeded to give myself the once-over with the clippers. My hair was full of salt from the earlier swim and from the day before. Keeping short hair in the summer is a good thing so long as my scalp has enough time to get used to the sun. I don’t go out much during the day anyway…

The hair cutting led to some sweeping which was almost followed by mopping the floor however I held myself in check for that one. There’s little point in mopping if it’s windy as everything is instantly covered in a film of dust within minutes. Everything has to be washed before use as there’s no escaping the dust! The alternative is to close everything up and soffocate.

I had a shower in one of the cubicles which was exceedingly hot despite the wind. The cold water was so hot I couldn’t get under it to begin with. I took the time to spray the floor once I’d chased all of those tiny pieces of hair down the plug hole. I earn points from Bona for taking the trouble to leave places clean.

A support call from Michael in reception with the offer of a cold drink. He was bored and on his own. I declined to settle back into my lassitude but I printed out his notice from my phone to the printer next to his desk. I could install the printer on his laptop but it’s probably just easier for him to send stuff to me so I can format it sensibly.

Obi and Luis by the lagoon

The DDs haven’t managed to process themselves although the pot has made it onto the counter inside and I almost did it before the annoying clump of hair spotted in the mirror distracted me. I should really spring into action and get it done.

I’ve not been totally idle as I’ve been testing my recently-introduced guest network having left it a day to ‘settle down’. I’ve limited my guests to 2Mb/s each and prevented them from browsing anywhere other than the Internet. No naughty exploring the camping’s network, looking at the cameras or using the printer. Don’t want any junior hackers honing their skills or spending the nights watching films online. Even with 2Mb/s, if all the punters try to use that there will not be anything like enough to go around.

I’ve not been up for doing much today after the initial spurt of activity. I’ve not long processed the DDs which are cool enough to eat once the rice has depressurised. I’ve completed a couple of Balance sessions and Elevated my brain. Luis, Fido and Oskar are in the van behind the gate. I encouraged them to come inside when I was getting the Doggy Rice ready and processing the DD’s. That way, they are not tempted to go looking for trouble which immediately results in all the dogs racing around and making a racket. I just appreciate a little peace and I’m sure they are enjoying Radio Paradise’s Rock Mix in the van.

I’ve looked at the forecast for the weekend which points to lots of wind tomorrow and more on Saturday. Hopefully, any punters brave enough to come to the camping this weekend do their homework before they make their decision.

Today’s theme is wind and lots of it. It wasn’t cold either


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