All gone!

Isabella was annoying the cats yesterday night as I was preparing to go to bed so found herself confined to the SDC with Charlie, who likes it there anyway. Whether he feels the same about being incarcerated there with Isabella might be another matter. Obi was floating around somewhere in the main part of the compound and Skinny was asleep under my chair. I decided to leave Isabella in the SDC all night as she can sometimes entice Skinny into boisterous activities in the Small Hours. As a consequence of these arrangements, our departure was more orderly and quieter than usual. Isabella gets so excited and cannot stay still for more than a second so drives everyone mad.

I put on my T-shirt as it was windy when we went out and kept it on except when walking to Plakaki and back. It was lighter on the second circuit of the Promontory so I could see that all the maggots had disappeared. The maggots were not keen on the idea of the wind I should imagine. A pickup had arrived during our Plakaki absence and I think it was the parrot fishermen although we didn’t run into them as we walked the rocks.

We sat for a few minutes to admire the sea from up high then worked our way back to the camping. Today, all of the dogs were together for the whole of the time. Excluding Charlie who was in sight but engrossed in something important on the beach. I made a point of calling Skinny to me at regular intervals and making sure they were all there for the biscuit distribution events.

It was not blowy so I went for a swim around 07:15 on a mostly deserted beach. Manos came to the water’s edge and waved then rearranged the chairs under the umbrellas. I was in the water for around fifteen minutes which was long enough as the sun was not strong and there were some annoying squalls.

I changed then got on my bike for a trip to Petrakis. It wasn’t busy so it was a quick shop. I needed important items such as chicken for the Doggy Dinners tomorrow. I continued on and came back to the camping the long way. The wind was on my back so it was easy and quite quick to the camping.

I released the dogs and had a bit of a sit down before feeding them and making some tea. It still wasn’t very windy so I considered putting the sun blocker up. Instead, I tightened the ropes holding the sail shade in position as they’d stretched over the winter so the fabric as flapping around annoyingly. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

The wind got up as the day went on. Michalis came with some customers who were staying in the rental tent right next to me. With people so close, it was only a matter of time before Oskar barked which I think startled them somewhat. Michalis then came to tell me the little boy was scared of the dogs being so close. I asked why the tent had been put there in the first place and Michalis wandered off muttering to himself. Later, I asked Maria why the tent had been put there pointing out that if a customer chooses to put their tent there, knowing there are dogs it’s different from people who are renting a pre-erected tent who have little choice. Maria tells me she’ll have Michalis move the tent elsewhere.

Otherwise, I’ve not been very productive other than chat online with Ursula, Peter, Rodney, Michael in the office and Nikos who was in the camping over the winter. He’s going back to Switzerland to have the MOT done on his van then plans to spend time touring Northern France. I’m wondering if he might return to Grammeno for the winter.

Once Oskar was inside, the remainder of the afternoon was fairly quiet as Fido and Luis were asleep at my feet and the others are mostly followers rather than leaders.

Plenty warm with more strong winds later in the day. What will the nighttime bring?


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