An omission on my part left Isabella in the main part of the compound. She appears to have copied Oskar’s loud habit of a strident bark for no apparent reason. She woke me up once so it was then Ι should have removed her to the SDC where she seems to be calmer and quieter. Later, around 02:00 I was woken again. I don’t know what got her going but this time I leapt out of bed and relocated her to the SDC which resulted in a quieter life until getting up time at least.

It was around 05:15 when we spilled out onto the track which borders the beach. Two cars, the same two as last Sunday, were parked close by and maggots were lounging on the Ammos Bar’s sun beds. I surmise that as the two individuels arrive in separate vehicles they are not a couple. It’s interesting how much clandestine copulation occurs in the beach area and the discarded treasures left by the aforementioned. We continued on our way to find a couple more cars in the beach car park of which one turned out to be a VW Lupo 3L.

VW Lupo 3L (3L/100km) with Greek plates in very good condition as it must be several years old as they ceased manufacture in 2005.

The Promontory was devoid of people as there were no replacements for the maggots. Not even Kostas as the tyre tracks are looking very old. Having made sure I still had the correct number of dogs, we continued to Plakaki and back along the beach avoiding the maggots on the sun loungers who were still there when we returned later and went back to the camping.

As it was quite windy, I didn’t part with my T-shirt at any point but we sat for a while to enjoy the seascape to avoid getting back to the camping too early as it is Sunday.

Obi with ears extended due to the wind

Back at the camping, the neighbours were still in their pits. I made up some starter and some dough then got on with preparing the DD’s for later. I felt by 08:30 I’d been accommodating enough to the punters’ needs so went off for a very windy ride around Paleochora. I took in the port and generally nosed around the town before heading back to the camping pushed by a strong wind. I stopped off at Alonaki Beach to consider the possibility of a quick swim but decided against it as it was so windy and the sea so lumpy. There were not many people on the beach for some reason.

From here on, the day decayed into inactivity other than to tend to the bread in its various stages and process the Doggy Dinners later on. Much of the time was spent in deep contemplation or browsing the Internet where I bought a 5MP CCTV camera to try out for the camping. Some of the existing ones are showing their age especially those in more exposed positions down by the beach.

The dogs have been about as active as me so I’ve been surrounded by sleeping dogs for much of the day. They take it in turns to be near the cooler which I set to swing mode to share the air stream a little more equitably.

There has been very little noise from the punters although someone decided to walk their dog close by with the inevitable explosion of barking. It was all over soon enough though.

Tomorrow should be calmer but there’s going to be some wind for the next few days but hopefully not as strong as of late.

From next weekend on, I would expect the camping to start to get busier as there will be only six weeks until the end of August. I would expect August to be as busy as last year and their might even be a few foreigners!

September and October should still be busy at the weekends and then the Winter Season begins. I feel it’s unlikely we’ll not have some kind of restrictions during the winter.

If the wish is for more people to be vaccinated and those that are to receive a booster, I feel the program needs to be less formal and more accessible. The present format is to obtain an appointment from the pharmacy on presentation of the health card. Only registered residents have a card although it’s possible to get a temporary number from the local government office upon presentation of ID. An appointment is sent out to go to Kandanos, CHANIA or Kissamos for the injection. Two separate visits are required depending on the vaccine given.

For a greater take up, there needs to be a travelling vaccination service which sets up for several days in local communities. There should be no requirement for either appointments, ID or immigration status and definitely no police or other officials lurking nearby. That way more people will come to get their jab.

Some strong gusts but cooler temperatures


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