Miss Marple does it again

I passed much of the evening in the company of Miss Marple who was in snowy Cornwall deducing the murder of the presumptive prime minister in the Sittaford Mystery. Robert Hardy is Churchill, just for a change. I think Geraldine McEwan plays an excellent Marple and the series is marvellous. Produced by Granada in association with WGBH in Boston and broadcast by ITV in UK.

The morning jumped out at me with a slightly early start thanks to Luis unable to resist replying to a pussy dispute in the storeroom. The Big Fluffy Pussy, who is very affectionate and purrs loudly, tends to push Hop-along around somewhat noisily on occasions. The BFP craves attentions whenever I’m around which creates tension between the two of them. On the whole, he’s a lot more chilled than he used to be since his visit to the vet.

The awakening was literally two minutes before the alarm so I got up and outside just that little bit earlier. The dogs were fairly cooperative so it wasn’t long before they were charging across the field and onto the beach which was devoid of people for a change. There are still a couple of vans further to the north but the occupants were in their beds like sensible people.

Two cars were in the beach car park but no bodies were discovered to my knowledge. It wasn’t windy and quite warm so I was carrying my T-shirt for the entire walk.

A fishing boat was moored opposite Azzuro Beach Bar just before Plakaki. It’s not the first time the boat has been there although this time it was closer to the shore. The two men aboard didn’t seem too busy so I waved a cheery Good Morning and continued on my way.

All of the dogs managed to keep up more or less so we arrived back at the camping together and with all present and accounted for.

I made some starter and sourdough after clearing up the general wreckage on the counter. The dogs were listening to Radio Paradise so I went out onto the decking to Elevate my mind and drink tea. Around 08:00 I headed to Paleochora via Panorama then found myself riding the E4 towards Gialiskari Beach and the Anydroi Gorge. Needless to say I didn’t go all the way as the track is less than optimal in places.

The 08:30 Sougia, Agia Roumeli ferry can be seen in the distance
Looking back at Paleochora to the west

I turned around and went back to Paleochora to complete the circuit. There was a holdup outside Petrakis so I nearly stopped and went in to buy beetroot but resisted and continued my journey back to Grammeno. The sea was very calm to my left as I sped back. I stopped at Alonaki for a swim although there was a little swell to make things slightly more interesting.

Tony was sitting in the workshop so I brought my oil bottle to fill up. He was looking forward to finishing the rubbish collection then raking leaves. There’s a man who knows how to enjoy life!

I went next door to fix up some irrigation to the second Bougainvilia plant installed during the previous visit. It’s the only plant not served by the irrigation system so requires me to manually water it. On my way back, I raked up the leaves which the wind had gathered in my gateway and pushed them into a sensible pile in the hope they will not return.

I fed the dogs, watered plants, picked up poo, filled Isabella’s food containers as well as the pussy food ones. Then emptied, cleaned and refilled the blue bath which still resides on the decking. Finally, I replaced the sun blocker and fixed some of the guy ropes. I felt this deserved a sit down and some tea.

There were no support calls so the day has been undemanding. I’ve been keeping busy with adjustments to the WiFi network and some general maintenance.

There has been a little wind but nothing in comparison to recent days. With the sun blocker up to the south, it’s more comfortable under the awning as less heat is reflected off the decking inside. There is also less glare from the sun as well as space for the dogs to lie out of direct sun.

My loaf is baked and cooling in the oven where it will stay until required. It can cure gently until tomorrow evening as it’s too hot to even contemplate at the moment. Anyway, I still have plenty left from yesterday’s loaf.

Hot but with only a little wind which was wonderful

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