Beetroot and spinach

I was amused by Isabella and Skinny as they cavorted and rolled about on the floor at bedtime. They were exhausted by the end so I invited Skinny inside in case they might have felt the need to resume at a later hour. Both slept soundly until morning.

I woke at 03:00 due to Luis supporting some nearby pussy disagreement. The soppy BFC was waiting for me this morning and purred loudly as I petted him.

My T-shirt remained in my hand for all of the walk as it was warm and virtually windless. The T-shirt comes in handy for chasing off mosquitoes or wrapping around my neck if there’s a breeze. It seemed a little darker but the eastern sky was devoid of clouds. Perhaps the sun was a little behind schedule today?

It was easy to see as we crossed the rocks and much lighter when walking to Plakaki. I have to peer into the distance to see if Skinny is there as a lighter dog on a lighter beach tends to blend. He’s generally reliable as are the rest of them. Only one van remains on the beach.

Kostas appeared as we sat on the rocks to admire the view of the sea. This created much excitement spurred on by his instigation. We’ve not seen him for several days so we left him to collect his salt. Quite late for him to be arriving too.

We managed to get back together although Oskar was on the wrong side of CBV’s fence having wandered in presumably from Grammeno Beach. I have to keep an eye on him or he disappears into the camping which is annoying more than anything.

I made tea and read the news before riding to Petrakis for groceries. The bike battery was at 40% which is too low for a 10km ride so I used the lowest power setting to save resources for the way back under load. More exercise for me and it was mostly on the flat.

There was lots of activity so I dodged between the people bulk-buying for the restaurants. It’s good that commerce is looking up. The power lasted long enough to get to Alonaki for a quick swim before going back to the dogs. It was very pleasant in the sea so there was little incentive to get out.

There was not as much activity as yesterday other than spinach to clean and beetroot to cook. One IT support call from Seaford and that was it. I spent my day reading and playing with my toys. Most of the dogs remained quiet and immobile as did Luis once I’d zapped him with the hose for yapping from under the van. Oskar made some noise but eventually shut up.

Obi and Isabella had been very active on the walk this morning with plenty of noise and racing around on the beaches and into the water. Both slept soundly for most of the day. Isabella races around non-stop during the walk and wears herself out so falls asleep once she’s back and had something to eat.

I noticed more cars parked at the top of the camping which is a reliable indicator of how busy it is. For a weekday, there was a goodly number.

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