Happy Bastille Day!

Bastille Day dawned warm and clear although, unknown to me, there had been a significant fire nearby which was still burning as we walked up the beach towards the Promontory. I could see amber lights flickering so it didn’t take too much imagination to work out what was going on despite the early hour.

Amber glows on the mountains (top left)
The sky is clear despite the smoke from the fires.

We walked the rocks and were crossing the Big Beach when I noticed the dogs were particularly attentive to certain areas. Closer inspection showed that a turtle had come from the sea to lay eggs in the sand. I carefully buried the nests before obliterating the tracks leading back to the sea. We continued on towards Plakaki.

A man was surprised by the dogs as he appeared to be digging near the entrance to the Promontory. No one digs at 06:00 if they have nothing to hide.

There was a cooling northerly wind as we walked the beach to Plakaki and had some biscuits before returning. There was no one about, not even a fishing boat.

The man was still lurking so we followed our usual route along the Big Beach but then passed the landward side of the Big Rock to come out on The Small Beach. All of the dogs braved the water, even Luis and Fido who are not avid water fans.

We sat briefly at the top looking to sea for more biscuits and then started back to the camping via the lagoon. Kostas was collecting salt and called the dogs to him. Luis stayed with me as he doesn’t trust Kostas from old. Obi made a noise until I shut him up.

At the camping, I washed the dishes, prepared the Doggy Dinners, made some dough and then hopped on my fully-charged bike for a ride to Paleochora via Panorama. I waved at Manolis as I passed the ECO filling station then continued along the front to see the ferry still in port but preparing to depart.

From there I cruised passed the PAWS puppies and stopped off to have my fingers nibbled. They are still testing their teeth on each other or anything else they can find. There are some different puppies from my recent visits.

Puppies playing vigorously
After the excitement

I left the sleeping puppies and continued on my way back to Grammeno stopping for a quick swim at Alonaki. At this time, it was still not windy so the sea was delightful. A couple of ladies with a small dog arrived followed, as I was leaving, by another woman also with a small dog. I rode back to the camping along the newly-sealed cycleway. They have been using a blower to remove dust and clippings and are now sealing it with some smelly product. It must be an unenviable task given the [toxic] fumes from the product and the temperature. At least it’s outdoors.

I fed dogs, changed and made tea. The DD’s had finished cooking and would soon depressurise. I hadn’t stopped so I was more interested in a sit down than processing hot DD’s.

Georgia called to asked me to meet with the couple from Chania who are selling their house. I was progressing the dough so agreed to meet in forty minutes.

They are a pleasant couple who are keen to sell their property to someone from Northern Europe as they think they will get a better price. Local agents will only support 500,000 Euros but they feel it‘s worth more. I said I’d do some research and we’d give it a try.

It was now considerably more windy. I got on with processing the DD’s as they’d cooled down. The afternoon was passing rapidly as was the wind so I consulted the forecast before taking down the Sun Blocker. It is forecast to get windier and will be windy again tomorrow. We are spoilt for wind at present.

I cruised the Internet looking for UK-based property agents who might be interested in marketing a Crete property in the UK. My search has so far produced one candidate whom I’ve contacted. I’m due to speak with him tomorrow evening as, by then, I should have the details.

The dogs are coming out of their diurnal hibernation, the wind is brisk so they are racing around. I’d better distract them with the offer of some food.

Hot with plenty of sunshine and now lots of wind.

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