I brought Skinny in at 04:30 as I suspected him of having a little woof but then it may well have been Isabella. My detection system is not that sharp early in the day when I’m half-asleep. He made himself comfortable but it was soon time to get up anyway.

It was 28C as I stepped out onto the decking although it didn’t seem that warm as we walked towards the Promontory. No cars were on the beach just a few in the car park some of which seem to have been there for a couple of days.

Kostas was already present so was hard at work with the salt. I notice he’s changed to having smaller bags for the salt. Previously, he used to carry enormous sacks of salt which must have been heavy as there is quite a bit of water until the salt has drained and dried.

There were more turtle tracks in the sand as well as some nests. I did the soft sand dance to obliterate the tracks and fill in the depressions. The dogs sniffed around interestedly or bathed in the sea.

We didn’t find any early morning bathers only a guy with a big bag collecting Horta. He seemed pleased to see the dogs but it was of passing interest to them as they quickly moved on to look for scraps by the sun beds nearby.

We completed our walk to Plakaki with all present and correct. Biscuits and then back to the Promontory to sit on the rocks for a while.

Kostas was in the distance as we sat to admire the view. He whistled to encourage the dogs to come to him but I’d not yet distributed any biscuits so it would appear that a couple of doggy croquets are more interesting then scampering over the rocks to Kostas.

I made starter and dough before going to Grammeno Beach for a quick swim. Once changed and dry, I got on my bike and rode towards Paleochora after a quick stop at the office. Maria and Michael were there but Maria needed to take the bread to the kitchen so we agreed I’d stop by on my return.

I found myself at the pass on the road to Sarakina then speeding my way back down again. I’m not sure how I ended up there as it was not the intention when I set off. It’s a good climb so helps me to keep fit. I returned to Grammeno via Paleochora to find Maria sitting at her desk.

We went through the process of scanning a document to her computer once more but I feel certain she will have forgotten two minutes later. I moved the photos and other documents pertaining to the Chania house to my NAS over the network then came back to free the dogs who’d been in rather a long time.

I fed the dogs and made tea then sat down to make a quick website for the photos. In the end, I created another WordPress site as it’s just as easy and can be quickly deleted once it’s no longer required. Much of the remainder of the day was taken up with photos and converting documents to images. I’ve yet to receive an address for the property other than a general locations. A little difficult if someone intends to visit. https://spiti.grammeno.eu.

The afternoon has become more windy however it’s hopefully moderating now. The bread is cooling down in the oven and will soon need to be shaken out of the bread tray.

Luis, Fido and Oskar are in the van with Obi who is collateral damage. They were getting silly and noisy so were relegated. Skinny is under my chair and Isabella is being bothered by pesky flies landing on her nose. Charlie sprang into action as he though it was supper time but has now gone back to one of his preferred locations under the decking.

Lively chatter indicates the arrival of weekend punters setting up their tents nearby. It shouldn’t be as windy as last weekend. Hopefully, Michalis will refrain from billeting rental customers in the large tent which is up against my northern border. Maria confirmed that it was Michalis alone who decided to position the rental tents so close and was nothing to do with Georgia. As I thought. The tent can remain as long as he likes so long as he doesn’t put anyone in it!

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