Soggy Socks

Another cooler morning with even some moisture. Initially, I thought it may have rained but it was just humidity and condensation even though the decking looked quite wet. My socks were hanging on the line so were a little damp but not for long. One of the socks had been adopted by a cicada as temporary sleeping accommodation so had to be ejected. Unfortunately, the cicada didn’t do the sensible thing and fly away so was eaten by Isabella.

Our walk was uneventful as there were no cars or bodies anywhere. Even the two cars there for several days had gone. The only real excitement was the guy from Paleochora who comes to dive for octopus. His bike was parked in the car park as we walked back from Plakaki but he was getting into the water so only Isabella found him.

I brought the dogs back then went for a swim. The sea was more interesting as there has been a southerly wind pushing the water up the beach and creating rollers and breakers. I even had a hot shower and washed with some expensive shower gel kindly left behind by someone.

It seemed quite cool after the shower so I even put on a light fleece to go into Paleochora for some shopping. I didn’t linger there so was back around 08:45 to the delight of the dogs.

The initial cloudy sky gave way to plenty of sunshine and quite a warm day. I had an IT query from Simon, some emails to answer regarding the Wright House and Bona at the gate asking if I’d help set up their home CCTV camera as her husband had a new mobile.

Nevertheless, I kept myself busy until the early evening when Michael asked me to print a document as there will be another scheduled power outage on Wednesday. I left the dogs who were reasonably well behaved. Later in the day is never a good time to leave them for long as they get silly and noisy when I’m not around.

No sooner had I dealt with the printing was I tangled up with an Irish/Australian couple who wanted to know about diving. I showed them some good locations and went back to feed the dogs. At this point, Bona’s husband appeared with his new phone and camera but I needed Michael to help with the linguistics. I could have got there on my own but there’s nothing like an Englishman talking to an Albanian in a language which is native to neither!

We had to create accounts, reset the camera and generally fiddle about. Due to the technical setup of the camping’s network the phone didn’t communicate well with the camera and he needs to join it to his home network anyway.

There was a good song and dance going on by the time I got back to the dogs even though I’d left Fido and Luis in the van, Oskar and Isabella were outside setting each other off with the other two joining in. A customer complained about the noise but I was back by then anyway. Maria said she had told Michalis not to put customers close to me when the camping is half empty but he seems to have a fetish of surrounding me with customers.

Quite a pleasant day really. The forecast warns of a 50% possibility of showers from 05:00 tomorrow


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