I was up at 02:00 taking down and folding up the sun blocker. This time, the forecast was correct and it was windy all night and continued well into the day.

I was wearing a shirt from the moment I was up as the wind made it feel chilly. The dogs were as scatty as ever so I had to tell off Skinny and Isabella who were fooling around noisily as I was trying to get the others, who were in the van, ready to go out.

We finally made it out of the gate at about 05:25. Despite the wind, I could see cars parked in the beach car park and wondered if there might be anyone camping on the Promontory. To save any mental anguish, the dome tent by the Big Rock from yesterday had gone, to be replaced by another but in a fairly sheltered position at the north end of the Big Beach. I only saw this tent when we came back when it was lighter.

Crossing the rocks was more interesting because the wind was gusting hard at times. We made it down to Plakaki with the wind against us but the same wind was blowing from behind on the way back. A northerly wind is quite strong for the first part of the beach where it comes down the valley. It’s a lot easier past the halfway mark.

The windbreaks erected to shelter the chairs opposite the Ammos Beach Bar were not able to stand up to the strength of the wind so were being blown off the poles. As a windbreak, they were ineffective.

The northerly wind blowing sand across the car park towards the beach and the sea. Obi’s tail is a good indicator of wind strength.

As time passed, the wind moderated so it was a little calmer as we went back to the camping. A man on a light motorcycle arrived at the beach as we were walking back.

I started on the Doggy Dinners but knew I couldn’t finish them as there was no chicken. I left for a run into Paleochora to Petrakis to buy chicken amongst other things. I noticed the price of cucumber has increased dramatically. I went raving mad and brought a larger bread tin which will contain around 25% more ingredients, therefore a longer, slightly slimmer loaf.

I rode back with the wind mostly behind me but had decided swimming would be left until later assuming it was less windy.

I unloaded the shopping, released the dogs and then fed them before getting some tea for myself. I put some chicken into the pot with the vegetables I’d prepared earlier and set it going. It’s possible I may have gone to sleep at this point.

The present location of my ‘office’ is behind the sail shade which provides good shading from the sun but allows the air to flow past. Refreshing when it’s hot but possibly too refreshing today.

There was a number of support calls so I’ve been busy most of the day. This included a trip to the bar as both of the WiFi AP’s appeared to be malfunctioning. I knew one was offline and meant to go down this morning to check it out. I changed the UPS which helps to filter out the dips and spikes in the power, reset everything and left. It seems to be working ok now. The ‘temporary’ access point I put up for the Austrian woman with the caravan who was going to stay all winter, is very popular and carries quite a bit of load. Unfortunately, it is not a wired connection so relays wirelessly from one of the other AP’s on the workshop. I need to find a better solution for that.

The wind will stay with us for the weekend which may dampen the enthusiasm of potential customers. There are several tents along the beach front but I don’t know the score as regards the accommodation.

I noticed a young, brown dog down at the bar when I was replacing the UPS. It appears that the staff have adopted him so he should be well-fed for the duration. I was wondering where I’d seen him before and think he was one of a pair living at the house opposite the Vlisidis supermarket and then latterly up by the greenhouses. Perhaps one of the staff will take him at the end of the season.

All of Crete has become amber on the national Covid map. Previously, only Iraklion and Rethymno were amber. I understand Greece is to be reclassified in the UK system to Amber plus requiring visitors to self-isolate on return from a holiday. It looks like this summer will be similar to last year. At least this year we have more experience and have most of the systems [in place**] to deal with the requirements of the pandemic.

Several degrees cooler than the past couple of days and cooler at night with plenty of wind.

** ‘in place’ is the lazy pet phrase I see so often in the news and official communications. I suppose it’s better to use a stock phrase than perhaps think of something else: in force, in operation, applicable, in attendance to list a few that come to mind.


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