Michael must have been bored on his own in the office so persuaded me to go up there to help him with a spreadsheet. The sheet is somewhat cumbersome in any event, so freezing the top few lines so that you don’t have to keep scrolling up to see where you are is going to be a bonus. I’m not sure who created the monstrosity. He insisted on plying me with ice tea freezing cold from the mini market fridges. Apparently, there’s lots of peach flavour left as most customers prefer the lemon. I couldn’t really care less. I excused myself on pretext of feeding the dogs of which I’d taken the precaution of putting Luis, Fido and Oskar in the van. Not that it stopped Luis from wailing out from the back window in his doleful manner. They were delighted to see me so I fed them quickly so that we could all declare the day officially over and retire inside.

The morning was light but windy. Isabella soon found herself in the SDC which helped greatly as I no longer had her fussing around as I readied the others.

We eventually set off to a deserted beach and only the motorhome and one car in the beach car park. The van had the sliding door partly open so the occupants may have been a little surprised to have doggy noses sniffing inside. The door soon closed and the nice man said a cheery Καλαμαρά as we passed on our way back later. As far as I could see, the Promontory was without other human life forms.

As we returned from Plakaki, Bar Dog and AN Other dog were loitering on the beach which attracted some attention. There was an attempt to chase them off but I quickly put a stop to it. We continued and the other two followed at a respectful distance.

We stalled on the Big Beach so the two dogs caught us up. There was another attempt to chase them off which was met with some retribution from me. I think it’s good for them to understand that there is no room for negotiation under these circumstances. Interestingly, it was Isabella then Skinny who returned first even though they were not zapped. I concentrated my efforts on Obi, Oskar and Charlie.

We continued, I put my T-shirt on as it was windy and not warm, we went up high, ate some biscuits then crossed the rocks before making our way back to the camping.

I had no bread or DDs to make so cleared up and made some tea before adjourning outside to shift Isabella from my chair so I could sit down. I Elevated my brain and Balanced my mind then set off against the wind towards Paleochora. Today’s ride took me to the top via Panorama then past EKO, the departing ferry, the PAWS puppies and back to Alonaki for a short swim. It was still quite blowy and the sea had significant lumps so I didn’t seem to make much headway. It was another treadmill session.

Back at the ranch, I showered with the hose then fed the dogs once dry. I was soon sitting down with a cup of tea but found myself drifting off… Until such time, I’d been watching an interesting TEDx on ageing. These are short presentations but usually very interesting.

The Internet connection disappeared during the afternoon followed by the generator springing into life. The power was restored before an hour was up. Apparently, another fire, this time near Platanias.

A later call from Michael alerted me to the fact that one of the APs at the office had not restarted properly after the power cut so they were unable to connect to the WiFi to work. I walked up, restarted the POE switch and everything was soon back to normal. I excused myself when Michael was on a phone call. The dogs were waiting to be fed as was I. Lovely as it is to visit reception…

Luis was not wailing as I got back but there was activity nearby as some new arrivals were setting up. The unmistakable sound of air beds being pumped up. Most have electric pumps connected to their cars for a quick inflation job. This was followed by the inevitable hammering-in of tent pegs. Not an easy task as there is so much rock and little soil most of which is washed away during the heavy rains in winter.

I turned 5,000km on my electric bike.

Another warm day but thankfully not as windy as recently. It was quite calm in the afternoon so I was able to put the sun blocker back up. More wind tomorrow though.


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