Stop, thief!

A nocturnal visitor caused a stir and Skinny jumped out of the window presumably to render assistance or to give chase. I’d left the crust of my loaf, loafing on the counter to eat for breakfast. Alas, some visiting [rodent] stole it from me. It was quite a large lump of bread so it wasn’t a mouse, unless on steroids, I imagine.

Skinny and Isabella became fussy so I put her and Charlie into the SDC on the ‘divide and conquer’ principal. Skinny lay under the chair until morning and Isabella rattled the gate with impatience. It’s so much easier with her in there.

As for tonight, Isabella and Charlie will again be confined to the SDC seeing as I now have a close neighbour with a small child so all kinds of disturbance and strange noises are possible. Hopefully, with only Obi free to roam the main compound, Skinny will not be enticed to leap out of the window. He’s quite well behaved if outside on his own but with Isabella…

It was hot during the night as well as the walk. The heat has driven away all the visitors so not a car or van was parked in the beach car park and there were no FreeLoaders on the Promontory. Our walks were unremarkable other than it being hot and the dogs leaping into the sea at frequent intervals. Not even Kostas was to be seen gathering salt.

Once back, I went for a swim to incline me to more activity such as preparing the DDs which required carrots anyway. I did most of it before riding to Petrakis for a quick shop and back via Alonaki for a quick swim to afford me more energy to deal with things when I got back.

The initial swim enabled me to rake the latest crop of leaves outside the gate, pick up the poo within the main compound and even start raking up some of the leaves. It’s a drag trying to keep the place tidy as Isabella loves to scatter things from the table as she attempts to harvest carob pods from the large carob. Another reason to restrict her nocturnal activities.

The DD’s were cooked but left in the pot. I’d gone late to bed as I was fiddling around with backups and servers as it was hot so I didn’t expect to sleep much anyway. I wanted to catch up so planned to restrict Oskar and Charlie to the SDC where Luis and a collar joined them later. We’ve had a quiet time since Luis won the collar. Keeping them away from the gate into the camping and the north fence is the key whenever there’s lots of movement and temptation outside the fence. We probably have a month or so of this so they’ll become used to it after a while.

There are more cars now so I guess there must be more people as well. The cars generally require someone to bring them although those days are numbered. The ACS courier has managed, at last, to find the camping delivering my replacement screen protector for my phone. I’ve only had one screen protector since October 2019. The present one is more broken than whole.

I sprang into action and made some banana bread which is presently still resting in the container so should be ejected to cool and dry out. The DDs are processed and the DR (Doggy Rice) has just gone beep so needs only to depressurise and we’re done. I bought some beetroot this morning but have not been able to cook them as the pot was occupied by the DD’s. I have a plan to acquire another pot to provide flexibility as well as redundancy. I use the pot more than once a day so would be seriously impacted should I not have at least one operational pot. Two pots would also afford me the luxury of preparing a week’s worth of DD’s in one hit. Knocking up two lots would take up only a little more time than one. I looked at Instant Pots on the Greek shopping site I have used quite a bit but they’re stupidly expensive for some reason. Still significantly more expensive than buying from Amazon in Germany and paying over 30 Euros for shipping! I’m still at the information-gathering phase.

This picture of Valdemar with Fido was taken SEVEN years ago today according to my phone which featured it as today’s image. I expect Valdemar has other interests now. Fido was quite young there too!
A more recent picture of Valdemar with his ‘other interests’. Sent by his mum in reply to an email containing the image of the younger Valdemar.
Sunrise or sunset? The viewer is facing almost due East so I imagine it’s sunrise…
Viewed from the other side

I think the second hottest day of the year but not quite making it to 39C. Temperatures are predicted to remain in the late 30’s for a few days, accompanied by hot nights.


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