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The same thief returned in the night but this time was unable to make his escape with the goodies. I woke up to the sound of munching, got out of bed and went over to the sink. I’d left the best part of a loaf of bread in a produce bag which now had a few sets of teeth marks. I took the bag containing the bread and relocated it to the foot of my bed for safe keeping and retired back to my boudoir to watch. It was not long before the culprit returned and managed to make off with another produce bag and disappeared. I spotted the thief, a large rat, making off out the window and up the side of the van to the safety of the roof. There was a lot of munching, it was time to get up so I went outside to see if I could spot the offending rodent. It’s quite difficult to see past the PV panels so I contented myself with the sound of munching. I’m not sure what was in the second bag.

I got ready to walk the dogs. Put the loaf of bread into a plastic box with a lid, then found another crust which has been hanging around for several weeks so was like rock. I left this on top of the open window and predictably, it had disappeared by the time we returned from our walk.

There was not a soul, not a car only the sound of the sprinkler watering another circle of desolate sand. We walked to the end of the Promontory and back and were passing the recently-constructed shelter on the beach where a girl appeared. Isabella headed in her direction, however I called Isabella back to me. We continued to Plakaki and were on our way back where the same girl was in the sea.

Again, Isabella went to introduce herself so I summoned her back. The others caught up and the girl appeared not to mind their attentions so I let them get on with it. The girl was at the beach shelter where she’d left her phone and her towel. Isabella was making a fuss of her as were the other dogs.

She is the daughter of the family who are having the new villas constructed and who Janne and Erica met during their recent visit. They own the caravan and area adjacent to the villas at the end of Alonaki Beach Road. We sheltered there one rainy winter morning. Not that it helped much as the rain was quite heavy so quickly soaked through the leaves which provide shade above the caravan and outdoor living area.

We talked at length as she was interested to learn the dogs’ names and all about them. She has her own white dog which is called Ginger but Ginger’d very sensibly disappeared when she saw my lot arrive.

The parents were nearby as her mother was watering the plants around the caravan. Apparently, they are here for the remainder of the summer holidays. I commented that I was surprised she was up so early but she replied that it was not usual but she would continue to get up early from now on. I said that we walked that way around the same time each morning if she happened to be awake.

I noticed she had a body brace in the shelter and she explained that she had to wear it seventeen hours per day especially at night which she found quite warm at present. However, the brace was quite comforting in a way and she would not have to continue to wear it after a while.

She’s a bright, lively 11 year-old who likes dogs, wishes to visit France and has already picked up some French. She spoke good English for her age.

It was quite late by the time we left so I didn’t bother taking the dogs around the Promontory for a second time and we went back to the van meeting a larger German Shepherd on the way. Like The Rug, the Shepherd was perfectly capable of looking after itself although I corrected Oskar and Charlie who can be a little silly and start aggressive behaviour.

I decided it was too hot and too late for cycling so chose a longer swim instead. I walked down to Grammeno Beach where I swam out beyond the Small Island and back. It was a leisurely swim and I was in the water for around forty-five minutes. I even went for a warm shower in one of the cubicles and used soap! Not something I do that often during the summer months.

It was getting warmer so I released and fed the dogs before sitting down for some tea and banana bread. Michael asked me to produce some notices for the Community Room which I understand has had air conditioning installed. At least, when I produce the notices, there will be no Gringlish! Michael sends me what he wants it to say in Greek and I translate it into proper English. I then send it to the printer in the reception office. It’s far easier for me to do this than sort out their printing and layout problems. Michael then laminates the notice and affixes it in the desired location.

I didn’t feel too much like doing anything except for a small IT job for Inter Sport. I replied to the email saying Crete was very hot and was told that Lewes was very wet.

Other than slope off for a second swim later in the day and fix up my outdoor shower, not a lot has happened. The temperature climbed to the daily maximum of 40.4C at 13:25. I wound Micheal up telling him how refreshing my second swim was knowing he’s stuck in the reception office.

The dogs found the day very tiring and only stopped panting now that the temperature is a chilly 36.7C. The cooler has been a popular location and there was little interest when I went off to Alonaki for a second swim followed by yet another shower under my outdoor shower. I’ve ordered a splitter to go onto the tap which supplies water to the cooler as, at present, I have to uncouple one to enable the other. Not only is this a nuisance but the connectors eventually start to leak.

The camera ordered from China arrived punctually ahead of the predicted time. The Chinese now include VAT and duties in the prices so there are no surprises or delays through customs. Sometimes, the customs duties have exceeded the original item and freight cost. I used to use AliExpress but delivery was so long and unreliable, I lost the will to live. Let’s hope BangGood can keep to an acceptable fourteen-day delivery time and there are no surprises through customs.

Very hot and virtually windless. The hot weather is predicted to continue for the next few days


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