Totally Lazy Sunday

Several visits form our rodent friends were repelled by the New Doggy Army (Luis and Fido). Dutifully they kept guard but unsuccessfully captured any invaders despite their best efforts. The rodents left empty-handed although I was sure to leave the remaining bread safely stored in a plastic container with a lid.

Luis had a little vocal exchange in response to some nearby doggy interference. I got up around 02:45 to put a collar on him to ensure some quiet.

The temperature fell to 24.1C so I was obliged to use a sheet in the early morning. I even wore my T-shirt for the duration of the Early Walk.

A variety of vehicles were parked in the beach car park and along the beach road however I didn’t see any FreeLoaders on the Promontory. So as to avoid disturbing the turtlets, we avoided the Big Beach moving up and down the east side of the Promontory. A large dog was guarding a Hymer motorhome on Alonaki Beach but the dogs greeted each other nicely so we could continue on our way unhindered. It seemed very dark as we walked up to Plakaki.

Inke and friend with two dogs drove into the car park around 06:45 and set off up the Promontory. We went up the east side but arrived at the rocks before them. Their dogs appear a little overwhelmed by my seven so two envoys in the form of Luis and Fido went to say hello to Inke. I was standing on top of the rocks above the lagoon so our conversation was short. We made a detour across the lagoon and back to Alonaki Beach for a swim so they could continue their walk.

The dogs went for a swim before returning to the van where I busied myself producing Doggy Dinners for the pot. I’d considered the possibility of going for a pre-ride swim but decided to have a longer post-bike swim instead.

My bike ride over Panorama took me past the empty ferry jetty and around to the PAWS puppies. A woman with a medium-sized dog arrived as I got off my bike so she explained she was walking and socialising him. Apparently, he’d spent a year tied up in a garage on his own so was a little light on social skills. Some people have an interesting idea as to what keeping a pet entails.

I went down to be amused by the three remaining puppies. The timid female from last time was pleased to be petted this time and the male and female puppies were enjoying a running battle of teeth and paws. I’m pleased they decided to test their teeth on each other for a change.

I remounted my bike and rode back to Grammeno with a stop at Alonaki for a leisurely swim. The sea was calm and warm so it was a little like being in a bath to a degree. I swam out from the shore where I could hear a couple of women chatting away whilst bathing. I was in the water around twenty minutes or so then rode back to Grammeno. The sea was quite busy considering it was around 09:15 on a Sunday.

The DDs were cooked so I removed the pot and got on with feeding the dogs. I made some tea and sat down after a refreshing shower in my private showering location. The same two pallets as previously although a little more nibbled by Isabella when she was going through her more chewy phase whilst waiting impatiently to be released on walks.

I did very little today other than read and process the Doggy Dinners. I alerted Michael to a negative review on Google Business which I felt deserved a prompt response. There was another negative review on Camper Contact yesterday but only I have access to that account. This latest review was left by a Greek and I now respond only to reviews in other languages.

I managed to persuade my watch to keep going until 14:00 by which time the battery was nearly flat but I’d completed twelve Stand Hours. The watch was fully-charged at 02:45 so I don’t know what’s with the latest beta software.

Later, a horrible noise from the direction of Alonaki Beach announced the arrival of a powered paraglider at a low altitude. The pilot flew over the camping to the delight of Luis and Isabella, out to Grammeno Beach and then back over us again. Fortunately, he disappeared off to disturb other people after that.

Summary for July 2021
Quite hot with little wind with some light sea breezes. A perfect day for the beach!


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