Hottest Day

I fell asleep in front of the cooler and not the TV. I’d been inside watching the box and felt the need to chill out before going to my bed so sat outside in front of the cooler whereupon I fell asleep. It was 01:00 when I woke up and went to bed. The temperature had cooled by then so I was soon asleep although it was still a warm night with a little rodent activity.

I could head gnawing so got up to find little pieces of plastic lid lying on the counter top. I returned to bed with the bread for safekeeping. From then on, the night was reasonably calm until a pussy disagreement which provoked a litany of uncontrolled barking from Luis only. I advised him to shut up and managed another fifteen minutes before the alarm went off.

The Early Walk followed a similar format to the previous day although there was less excitement and fewer cars and vans. We avoided the Big Beach due to the turtlets concentrating our efforts on walking Alonaki to swim in the sea there. I had to rely on the dogs to behave nicely on the outward journey as it was too dark to see very far. Keeping track of Skinny was difficult until I discovered he was behind me!

The rubbish disposal technicians arrived as we were heading back to the Promontory but had accomplished their intended tasks and left before we arrived. Another once around the Promontory and back to the van.

I felt hot so went for a swim off Grammeno Beach where the water was placid and there were very few others around. Hardly too surprising at 07:15. One man was running up and down the foreshore. Another came out of the sea as I arrived, did a few press-ups on the sand before returning to the camping. I went back, changed and then set off for Paleochora via Panorama. The ferry hadn‘t left and I could see a puppy or two but wanted to get to Petrakis for some shopping.

I rode back via Alonaki where I had another quick swim. I noticed there wasn’t much activity on the New Villas project although someone was doing something with a mixer as I rode back past.

I released the dogs, had a shower and fed the dogs before making tea for myself. I still felt cool after my swim and the shower. I sat down with some of the dogs who’d already gathered in front of the cooler. It would be another hot day.

Fortunately, there was little for me to do so I spent much of the day reading and trying to stay cool. The dogs lay about my chair panting and I drank loads of Iced Green Lemon Tea I’d made previously and left in the fridge. Not as sweet as the supermarket version with real lemon pulp to boot.

The only IT related request came from Michael in the form of a notice which I duly created.

At 13:41 the temperature reached 42C where it stopped. Warm air was wafting past me and it felt very hot!

I watched an interesting but ominous DW documentary on the rise of the AfD (Alternative for Germany) as well as one on Russian Millennials who’ve known nothing but Putin. I was shocked to see that the city where one of the young people lived was completely surrounded with barbed wire entanglements and all the exit roads had checkpoints. When interviewed, the parents seemed happy with their lots and somewhat perturbed by their offspring’s radical views.

It’s been a day for not doing a lot so that is a goal I’ve achieved with great success. The dogs have joined me in this by being equally unproductive. The forecast for tomorrow is 40C although temperatures gradually fall as we head towards the weekend where it might be a little windy. More air is forecast for tomorrow.

Very hot with little wind


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