Hottest Day of the Year

This says it all

This is a very short YouTube video created by the Canadian health service primarily aimed at heart and stroke in old age. I feel it’s very important to get people thinking that illness is not a function of old age. That, with investment of a little time and effort, it should be possible for most to remain healthy until death.

My boots were delivered by the courier and transported to me by Maria who, I suspect, was happy for a little chat and to get out of the office. I tried them on. They are 44, which is the same as my previous boots however, these are too tight even with no socks on so will need to be returned. I contacted the customer services at the online company in Attica and received a reply to my email even before the ink was dry! I need to take the package to the local branch of ACS who will return them free of charge so that I can make a new order. I went to the ACS office this morning to discover they are open only in the evening from 17:30-22:30. Not a particularly good time for me to visit. I’ll get someone to drop them in for me one evening.

I’ve been having problems charging my Apple Watch recently and suspected it might be due to the high ambient temperature. The watch would not charge just got very hot. Apparently, the watch stops charging above 35C which is why it’s so slow or not charging at all. The solution is to poke the watch and the magnet charger into the louvres of the fan to keep it cool so it charges at a sensible rate.

The day started warm for our walk. There were no cars, no people, no dustmen just the bar/restaurant dog who was silly enough to be mooching around on Grammeno Beach. My lot were positioned to chase him however I was able to dissuade them from doing so by a simple whistle and a call which brought them running back for the second loop of the Promontory.

I was glad to be back at the camping and I suspect the dogs probably were too. I went for a swim from Grammeno Beach which lasted around twenty minutes. The sea was almost calm so it was a very languid swim.

I went to Paleochora via Panorama which was quite hard-going as it was getting warm and the effects of the swim were wearing off. I ran through the village to the ACS office to confirm that they open early evenings and not in the morning. The ferry was just leaving and I passed the puppies without stopping as I was more interesting in getting back to Alonaki for another swim! Another very gentle affair as the sea on that side was virtually flat.

Manolis shouted to me as I rode past so I went in to say hello. He was sitting preparing his fishing lines which, he tells me, will take a couple of days to complete. Litsa showed me her new phone to which she’d managed to transfer everything from her old one. The only problem was the reader for her blood test stick as the new phone had a different USB port. She had all the right kit just not the confidence to put it together and insert it in the phone. She did a blood test which confirmed she was at 141 which she put down to eating too many figs the day before. I came away with a load of lovely, fresh figs for my trouble. Litsa has Type II diabetes.

I excused myself on the grounds that the dogs were cooking inside the van so went back to let them out. I was almost dry after my Alonaki swim but had a nice outdoor shower and put on a towel. I fed the dogs and made tea.

It was getting quite hot at around 10:00 but more was to come as the high for today is 44.1C which is only 0.1C lower than the highest temperature I’ve recorded since June 2014 when I first installed my weather station. It’s been very hot!

Later, the Internet disappeared so I grabbed some kit and headed up to the office. Having reset the line to the telephone socket and rebooted the external router, it became apparent there was a fault somewhere on the public network so nothing to do with the camping. I sat with Michael for a while and drank ice tea. Some customers arrived and some called looking for accommodation. Strangely, everything is booked up until the end of August. I could hear some doggy noise in the distance so went back where everything appeared reasonably quiet. I couldn’t do anything useful in the reception but it was quite pleasant guzzling ice tea and sitting in front of the air conditioner.

Other than that, it’s been a languid day with lots of ice tea and little activity.

There has been no Internet so this image is incorrect as it’s not been updated since this morning. The high was 44.1C second only to 44.2C which is the all-time max.


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