Paint Chania Red

I was not long asleep in my chair having failed to reach the end of my sleep-inducing meditation. I spend the bulk of the night in my bed and slept soundly until the alarm.

I could immediately tell it was a cooler morning as I stepped out of the van door to wrestle Skinny and Isabella into their collars. Skinny, in particular, loves his little game first thing in the morning. I admit that some days it can wear a little thin.

I conclude the mornings are becoming darker or my eyesight has deteriorated very rapidly. It was light as we started back from Plakaki. The fisherman sleeping on one of Ammos BB’s sun beds appeared oblivious to the passing dogs but less so when Luis barked at him, probably more out of surprise than anything else.

We enjoyed a pleasant fifteen minutes perched up high listening to the waves then returned to the camping.

I went for a swim from Grammeno Beach then rode into Petrakis before the effects of the swim wore off. The breeze blowing from the northeast was very warm. A fine array of fresh produce was arranged outside the supermarket including some beetroot with lovely leaves and stems. There was a large bunch but it was only 1.30/kg. I went mad and bought nectarines but hope they deserve the price once ripe.

The return ride was spurred by the thought of chucking myself into the sea off Alonaki which I duly did. I was not in much of a hurry to get out but remembered the doggies cooking in the van. Even with all the windows and roof lights open, it’s easily 40C.

I took a shower and fed the dogs before making tea and falling into my chair. The past two days have included visits to reception so it was nice not to have to go anywhere today. I went to Alonaki for another swim in the early afternoon before embarking on the production of some banana bread. The swim provided the incentive.

I had cooked the beetroot some of which I shall eat tonight and for a few nights to follow. Nothing like fresh beetroot and rice.

I managed some light admin tasks and replied to some emails. It’s not easy to apply oneself when it’s above 40C.

The administrative areas of Chania and Zakinthos have now turned red on the Covid Map. The redness of the Chania area refers to the city itself more than the administrative area. However we are all under the same restrictions which miraculously end before the National Holiday on 15 of the month.
Still another warm day with a high only 0.02C below the hottest so far. The forecast is slightly cooler weather over the weekend

The good thing is that the projected 35C will feel positively glacial in comparison.


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