Cooling down at last

It was very warm all evening so all of the dogs were outside until there was a little barking incident whereupon Luis, Fido and Oskar were banished inside. I sat and watched some interesting YouTube videos and fell asleep in front of the fan with Skinny and Isabella until 03:30 when I woke up and went to bed until getting up time.

It was around 37C as we marched across the field. The street lamps have not been working along the Alonaki Beach Road for several days which makes it very dark crossing the field without a torch. So dark in fact that I almost fell over the man sitting at the water’s edge as we walked past the ABB sun beds on the way to Plakaki. He asked if all the dogs were mine… He’d left when we came back.

Kostas was just leaving as we headed back for our second Promontory walk he was arriving as we were going towards Plakaki. Ships in the night…

We didn’t discover any maggots or tents but sat quietly listening to the sea for a while before going back to the camping. At this point, I went down to Grammeno Beach for a quick swim then off via Panorama, the ferry and the puppies on a circular route. There were no puppies to be petted but I could hear a barking dog in the distance.

I stopped at Alonaki for another quick swim and then back to the dogs and some tea. By this time it was a little cooler and there was some wind which also helped. The sea had lumps in at Grammeno and there were a few on the Alonaki side too. The wind is now much stronger so the evening is cooling down nicely.

I’ve messed around with some admin IT stuff, fixed the side panel next to the fridge which used to move. I can now secure the dog gate as Skinny has discovered how to push it open when the likes of Luis, Oskar and Fido are inside. It amuses him to release them. I could be mistaken, but I left Skinny outside when I went for my ride this morning but he appeared to be inside when I came back!

Now that the side panel is fixed, the dog gate operates correctly so it’s no longer possible to release the gate simply by pushing. Now, it needs to be lifted up to disengage from the upper and lower locking fixtures. This job had been put off as it involves removing the fridge which has not been moved in years. I took the opportunity to vacuum underneath but not much more than that.

I had already removed sufficient dog hair to stuff a mattress from within the van together with about 400kg of sand. I’d intended to mop but the latter got the better of me as time ran out as the rice for DDs needed doing.

The temperature is now 29.3C so I might even have to turn down the fan which has been running at maximum for the past few days! Even on maximum it was still too how last night!

The night time temperature was around 38C until it was time to get up! It’s felt much cooler from midday onwards. Perhaps we’ll have some more sensible weather for a few days.


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