All eaten up

Only Obi was free in the main compound so as to give the rodents easy access to the bait. I heard noises on the van roof during the evening which suggested visitors were already helping themselves to their eventual undoing.

By comparison, it was a very peaceful night. All but one parcel of bait had been removed from the ashtray left temptingly on the counter by the remaining open window. All other comestibles had been removed. The remaining parcel of bait had disappeared when we returned from the Early Walk which was at its normal time.

It was warm but nothing like as warm as last week so we made reasonable progress. There were no biscuits to distribute since the container for the biscuits was a further victim of the rodents.

The only ‘excitement’ was meeting a couple of fishermen after crossing the rocks for the second time. Only Luis made a slight fuss. Skinny and Isabella wanted to play but the fishermen were initially unsure. They thought Luis was most amusing. We continued back to the camping.

I put the dogs inside and went for a swim which was followed by a ride over Panorama, via the PAWS puppies to Petrakis. A couple of female puppies were very pleased to see me so we sat down for a little petting. They tested their teeth on each other and I left.

My shopping trip was brief but I came away without tomatoes as there were none! There was no apple vinegar so I should have picked some up a week ago. I forgot to keep ahead.

I rode back at speed stopping for a further swim at Alonaki where I was the only one in the water. There was some wind but it wasn’t rough. I didn’t stay long as time was not on my side.

I fed dogs and then the morning began. The day has been busy with enquiries from EG and also LBS. There was a call from Terry and some emails to reply to. I kept gently busy all day.

The Internet connection suddenly disappeared and was traced to above the ice machine. The power supply for the switch has a UK plug in an adaptor so can disconnect if there is anyone working and accidentally knocks into it. There was a guy with a small A/C unit. There seem to be several of them floating around the camping. I suspect the ‘wooden tents’ without A/C units are unbearable at night with just a fan.

I’ve replenished the bait bowls so we shall see how much is taken tonight. I’ll probably put Isabella in with Charlie again to be sure the rodents have easy access. It could take a while before the bait polishes off the intruders.

The Doggy Rice is ready so…grub is up!

Warm and breezy which kept the temperature down. The forecast predicts a lowering of temperatures with a mere 29-30C for the Holiday! It might be breezy Friday to Sunday which would be a shame.

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