Still Charging About

Raymond Burr entertained me whilst annoying the hell out of DA Hamilton Burger as he deduced that his client couldn’t possibly have been responsible for cracking the safe and was set up by the manager of the finance company to take the fall.

At about 21:30 I came out onto the decking to sit in my chair and meditate. It was only a 10-minute meditation which ended at 01:35 when I woke up to find Isabella charging across the decking barking loudly. Charlie was already in the SDC so I ushered her in there with him. As I was gathering my thoughts and preparing to go to bed, there was a noisy cat-event nearby which set Luis off. Now that the rear window is closed most of the racket goes south so not really a problem although a proportion must go out through the open roof light to bounce off the metal roof above. Luis received a collar and I prepared myself for bed. I’d left everything on as I’d intended coming back after meditating. All was quiet until a sudden scampering of little feet indicated the rodents were still with us.

I silenced the alarm and prepared to get out of bed. I try to wait a couple of minutes between waking up and getting up especially when it’s hot. We left around 05:15 to walk the Promontory in the darkness. The sky was reasonably clear so I could see Orion and there was a decent amount of reflected light. It would be a while before there was much help from the sun. I used my torch in red mode to cross the rocks otherwise, in the darkness, it takes forever.

A dog was sitting outside the caravan which has been on Alonaki beach for several days. It was still quite dark so I steered Isabella and Oskar away from the caravan. We continued to Plakaki and came back. Several of the dogs were ahead of me and I was a little way away. I saw the dog was still outside the caravan so felt it better to leave events to unravel. There was lots of waggy tails which I considered a good sigh and Charlier, who can sometimes be a little aggressive, was not with us. I walked on, leaving the dogs to sort themselves out. Much later, I saw that Oskar was still in the vicinity of the caravan as was the dog. Oskar would be low on my list of candidates for successful introductions to strangers. So it only goes to show…

A man with a mat was leaving the Promontory to find himself confronted with the whole bunch, minus Charlie. He stood his ground and seemed not to mind being a centre of doggy attention. Some had already got bored and gone on ahead.

We went to the end and back following Kostas’ latest set of tyre prints. He arrived as we were leaving on the first circuit but I knew he’d already left as I saw the lights from Plakaki. We sat for a while and then walked back.

The dogs didn’t take the nearest entrance to the field and went together back to the caravan where there was more wagginess. I spectated from afar leaving them to decided when they’d come back. Charlie was sitting quietly outside the gate and was greeted with lots of fuss by the others.

Once back inside, I got on with clearing up from the night before and then preparing the DDs for the pot. I finished by around 07:40 so spent the next few minutes drinking tea and elevating my brain before departing on my bike.

I went up Panorama, down past EKO and then to ACS as I wanted to check opening times so I can return my shoes. I should have taken the package this morning and it could have been done today. The office opens from 09:00-13:00 according to the notice so tomorrow I’ll take the shoes to be returned.

My next stop was the PAWS puppies where I petted the two girls I met on my previous visit. A woman arrived to care for them and we discussed the adoption and transportation situation. I mentioned that I try to pet the puppies so that they become better socialised and hopefully give them a greater chance finding a reliable home. She mentioned that few men came to see the dogs so their experience was mostly women.

I rode back stopping at Alonaki for a swim. It was calm so I swam straight out from the beach, along a bit and then back in again. Not terribly adventurous but quite satisfying and relaxing. A family group was playing nearby so there were the usual shouts of delight.

I released and fed the dogs, made tea and plonked myself down in the chair in front of the cooler after a shower. A chunk of the morning passed by and included another phone call with Terry. The remainder of the time was taken up with EG mailbox admin and trying to use Microsoft documents via the iPad app. I think I have the measure of it now. It’s annoying when people insist on trying to use MS Word to create tables when Excel is better suited to things in grids. Trying to change a Word document into Excel is not easy. I ended up importing into Apple Numbers and then exporting to Excel. Talk about a long-winded workaround.

That barky time of the day approached so Oskar, Luis and Fido were banished inside as I processed the DDs and put on some rice for them as well as myself. I’m having a change from bread at the moment so have migrated to rice for a while.

The weather forecast predicted 36C which manifested itself as 40.6C: somewhat warmer. We’re down to 32.7C now so the cooler is beginning to feel quite cool and might be turned down soon.

Peace pervades the air as their barkinesses are inside with Radio Paradise to keep them company. For an easy life, they will remain inside until I feed them all once the rice is done. In all fairness, there are people quite close to the fence, of their own choice, and other, quite noisy dogs onsite. Luis and Oskar make great barking partners with Oskar definitely the loudest. Fortunately, Skinny shuts up very quickly when told and Isabella doesn’t bark that often. When she does, we all know!


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