Starting From Scratch

Yet again… but this time only until 23:00. It was quite warm inside so cooling down outside was very pleasant. The night was reasonably quiet as Luis had a collar. Charlie and Isabella had a brief outburst but only for seconds. There was rodent activity but I didn’t notice. No rodent bait was put out as they should have had more than the lethal dose.

It was windy at getting up time so I put on my T-Shirt. I didn’t actually need it and removed it when we walked to Plakaki. The caravan dogs might have been inside this morning but I encouraged my lot away anyway.

There were no discernable bodies on the Promontory although I saw one when I was swimming later. No sign of Kostas either but he may also have arrived whilst I was swimming. A couple of maggots were present but ignored on Alonaki. The dogs just walked on by.

A family group, parents and older children, were sitting outside as we walked back. The (extremely well nourished) parents waved happily, Isabella went to investigate but it looked as though their offspring were not terribly relaxed. We continued to the end of the Promontory then back to the camping.

I made some tea and cleared up from the previous night. I dumped the poo and got rid of the rubbish. I then swam off Grammeno Beach which was surprisingly calm despite the northerly wind which had accompanied our walk. The wind got up whilst I was swimming creating slightly more demanding conditions which required me to wash my hair later due to the salt. I swam for around 20 minutes then went for a ride to Paleochora. Today, I went to the PAWS puppies first, but they were out so I continued on and went up to Panorama from the Chania road which is much shorter but also somewhat steeper. I had a full battery so romped up there under full power. I went straight back to the camping without a stop at Alonaki.

There appear to be more tents as I discovered when returning and also walking through to the beach. More like what one would expect or hope for at this time of the year. Any motorhomes appeared to be foreign.

I went to make some bread to discover that my dough starter had not survived the hot weather well. It was in the door of the fridge as it takes up too much room on a shelf. I made up some more starter so will need to wait for it to process. I’ll buy some commercial yeast tomorrow and knock something up.

What remained of the morning was uneventful until Michael phoned from the office to ask what size of boots I wanted. I only took the boots to ACS yesterday and already the shoe company are willing to replace or refund. I asked for a 45 which I hope will do the job.

The brake pads on my bike require replacing and the rear brake cable has seized up solid. The new Rad Rhino comes with hydraulic brakes. I’d considered replacing the cable brakes when I bought the bike and was using it a lot in the mountains. The problem is always the brake light switches and messing with the wiring which voids the warranty. I saw a YouTube video where the cable brakes were upgraded with hydraulic types which had all the correct switches, cables and connectors. So now I have ordered front and rear replacements and four sets of brake pads from a company in Worthing. Gareth, the guy masterminding the operation mentioned his wife works in the Lewes hospital when I said that I was from Lewes but living in Greece. The company sells e-bikes as well as components and Radpower upgrades. It’s much easier to get something proven to work with my bike than fiddle around making modifications. I also took the opportunity to contact Radpower to complain about the webbing straps on my bike bags. The straps have succumbed to the ravages of the sun so have disintegrated. As the bags are only eighteen months old, I fet it was worth seeing what the company would say. The bikes are guaranteed two years but not the accessories.

Luis and Charlie have spent much of the day in the SDC and Oskar in the van which was of his choosing. There were a few noises-off but that’s not an excuse for a load of annoying barking.

I was mobbed by a group of viscus pussies returning from the sea this morning. The ginger ‘kitten’ is now a younger version of George who is most likely to have influenced this likeness. The ginger pussy is completely soppy like his mother! The other two came along and were munching away once I’d poured some food into the containers which were all but empty.

The ginger kitten is almost the size of his mother.
It’s been warm but a little windy although it’s calmer now. The forecast for tomorrow and Saturday looks windy but less so on Sunday


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