Friday 13th

Not that I’m at all superstitious but just thought I might mention it.

Not this time…

I didn’t go outside to sit down so falling asleep wasn’t an option. I went to bed just after 21:30 but not sure exactly when. I was asleep within moments. I was awake again at 23:00 for some reason. Probably Charlie or Isabella making sure I knew they were there. Only Obi was in the main section.

It was very windy when the alarm went although I’d been awake for a while. Function of going to sleep early. I waited until 05:15 before getting up and we were out by 05:30 and on the beach. The caravan with the dogs had left to be replaced by another van of the camper variety.

We sped to the end of the Promontory and back then to Plakaki. I stopped the dogs from wandering up towards the road as there was a number of vehicles as well as tents. The occupants might not have liked dogs sniffing around their sleeping area in the darkness.

Going out slightly later gave the advantage of being able to see better however we were back just after 07:00 having not dillied around. The Doggy Dinners needed constructing so I got on with that when went for a swim off Grammeno since the wind was calmer. Until I got out a little way and then it started to blow again. I came back and went into Petrakis via Panorama and the Puppies who were not in. Some others, older and more cautious dogs were present. I shopped at Petrakis, remembered commercial yeast and bought some expensive flour to try out. Back at the camping I released the dogs.

Other activities included making some banana bread and some ordinary bread in tandem. The same mess for both operations. The dough was rising nicely however the loaf, although perfectly edible, is disappointing. Perhaps I just got used to fermented bread? The new starter process is progressing rapidly as it’s so warm. I’ve changed it X3 so far.

I vacuumed the van and washed the puky seat cover having vacuumed up loads of dog hair. It isn’t as if I’ve not done it recently. They just shed all the time! Handfuls of the stuff.

I had another support session with Colin Lock in Haslemere. He and his wife were about to catch the bus to Tyndalls, walk up to The Gibbet and then down Farnham Lane to their home. I reminded Colin that I used to live at 10 Tyndalls so knew the area well. This time, it’s his computer that is getting the onceover.

The van is cleaner and the floor is mopped. Twice in fact as the end cap to the kitchen tap split allowing water to spurt out and run down onto the floor. The end caps are a product weakness and this is the fourth one! I shall buy a new kitchen tap tomorrow morning!

Fido was the puky dog yesterday and didn’t want anything to eat last night or this morning. He refused biscuits whilst we were out. Other than not eating and being more affectionate than usual, he seems alright so we’ll see how it goes.

Today has been occasionally very windy with strong gusts to 70+km/h. The forecast is for stronger winds in the night and the early morning, remaining windy through Sunday.

Another call from Hindhead. A customer with an email problem!

Warm, despite the wind and quite late in the afternoon. The forecast for Saturday/Sunday is 28C and 29C on Monday. I’ll be surprised…


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