Excitement: New Tap!

Contrary to expectations, it was only a little windy in the night. I had a little lie-in as it was Saturday so we were out just after 05:30. Predictably, due to the wind, there was not the usual number of people around for the August Holiday weekend. A car which has been there a couple of nights and two or three others. I didn’t discover any maggots or tents so they must have been discretely hidden. Not that we’re going up the west side of the Promontory mindful of the Turtlets.

I could see the dogs on the way down to Plakaki and we had a following wind on the way back. I decided the sea was uninviting for swimming although Isabella and a couple of the others disagreed.

Kostas was still pumping water into the hollows when we returned to the Promontory although I didn’t see him up close. Just a figure with a head torch in the distance earlier on.

It was blowing harder as we got back to the camping. I put the dogs inside, leaving Isabella and Charlie in the SDC and decided to walk to Paleochora to pick up a new tap. Riding when it’s very windy is more excitement than I felt I needed.

I took about an hour to walk in with a pace of around 11mins 15secs although that went to pot on the last km back to Grammeno. The plumbing place was open so I lashed out 25e on a wonderful new tap.

The setup with the previous tap and the lid still in position. The standard plastic tap, seen in the closed position, has also been removed as it’s difficult to clean behind it. I will need to find a bung to fill the hole.
Tap installed having removed the lid from the sink. I never close the lid as I don’t travel and it makes it hard to clean behind. It would not be possible to position the tap there with the lid.

This is the end result which consumed much of the remainder of the day. Not so much the operation itself but removing the glass lid, deciding where to position the tap, plumbing decisions and quite a bit of cleaning. The counter where the tap used to go now has a hole where the tap used to be. The old tap had a flaw as it used to leak. The water has destroyed the forty-year-old counter top which needs replacing.

I don’t use the gas cooker so am planning to acquire a new section of counter and a new sink. The counter will be longer as it will continue over the seats a little way to provide much-needed additional counter space. There is never enough room to put anything down! I don’t use the gas hob so that can come out as it just collects liquids and crumbs and is generally unhygienic. Not that I’m a huge fan of giene.

After everything was finished, I washed the van floor for the second time in a week then went for a shower. A previous visitor had left behind some shampoo which I used to wash the salt and dirt out of my hair. I have not bought shampoo in years and use it only when someone leaves it behind. I now wish I hadn’t as I smell like a tart’s boudoir!

Dogs messing around in the lagoon.
Sub-thirty temperatures! Lots of wind but planned to abate by tomorrow morning.

“We went on August 14 for 2 nights and he asked us for 85 € with two adults and two children 11 and 14 years old who charged them as adults, with our own tent, ie only the point where we will set up 85 €. However, their behavior in the end because we did not stay was inadmissible ..” Translated by Google – the prices are on the website and children over 11 are charged as adults. 4 x 7 + 2.5 + 10 = 40.5€ x 2 = 81€. I don’t know what went down at reception but he wasn’t a happy camper… (Michael tells me the guy had an attitude. Anyway, these are the prices…)

I might have to put on a T-shirt!

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