Having The Last Laugh

There was almost no wind in the night which was a welcome change. There are several dogs on the camping as well as quite a lot of people from my short walk to the reception. There was the occasional pussy feud with Luis dying to join in. He managed not to get a collar and was verbally persuaded not to join in singing with the cats.

I decided not to get up early as it was cool and there were very few people about. We left just after six and headed towards the lightning sky to the east. Cooler, the pace picked up so we were soon on the rocks and heading back.

A dog barked as he defended his master agains the marauding pack headed towards him. A pair of feet protruded from the rear of the vehicle. I told the dogs to ‘leave’ and following slight hesitation, we continued on briskly towards Plakaki. There we had some biscuits before heading back.

A thin man was standing by the shore as we got back to the Promontory so Isabella and Skinny were saying hello. It transpired he was staying at the camping just out for a morning walk. We chatted a while then went our separate ways. He along Grammeno Beach and me with the dogs back to the rocks and the lagoon where they bathed, paddled and swam.

Dogs swimming in the lagoon

Kostas was by his 4×4 with his pump and other items packed in the rear. He was personhandling two large coils of plastic piping down from the rocks. I may conclude that he is packing up some of his material although it’s too early for him to pack up for the season.

We chatted to a man from Kent who’d been staying at CBV for the third season although he says he missed out last year. It was nearly eight as we stepped into the compound so I hurried the dogs into the van and set off on my bike towards Paleochora.

The journey in was rapid and took in Panorama, the departing ferry and past the puppies to Petrakis where I shopped. From Petrakis to Alonaki for a quick swim before returning to the dogs. The sea was flat calm. A family had emerged from the water and walking to their van. The number of vehicles along Alonaki has not changed since yesterday.

I released and fed dogs, made tea and sat down. Part of the morning disappeared. Maria arrived with the replacements for my boots, I tried them on and took them for a short walk to the reception. There I got involved with Maria’s laptop and she nipped off to the bar for coffee. Michael had met his wife and daughter from the ferry the previous night so was still tending to their needs. Naturally, as soon as Maria left, everyone came along wanting things. I was trying to fix Maria’s annoying intermittent scanning problem.

She eventually came back but then left again once Michael arrived. He was still busy doing things so also disappeared marooning me in the office. A family arrived to check in but had come to the wrong address which is hardly surprising as rural addressing in Greece is particularly vague. I explained that Grammeno, Kountoura, Paleochora 73001 was a big area but eventually sent them to their reserved accommodation.

Once Maria returned, I sloped off back to the dogs. As I sat down, I noticed that decomposing smell. I’d seen juvenile flies a couple of days previously but thought noting of it. I searched under the van, under pallets and around and about. The smell appears to emanate from the front of the van so I suspect the rodent has had the last laugh and died in the engine compartment. The release cable is solid having not been used in years and the front of the van is against the fence. I may just let nature take its course which should not be long during the summer.

My latest sourdough starter seems in full swing. I’ll feed it later to keep it going. It sat all morning doing nothing then sprang into life as the day warmed up.

With little wind and occasional clouds, today has been warm and sunny.


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