Smelly Decomposing Rodent

A noisy dog-event just before midnight disturbed me from my pit. I could hear lots of nearby barking in response to more distant barking so got up to investigate. Oskar was in the SDC with Charlie and Isabella. I left him in there as he was asleep in the igloo house when I went in earlier with Isabella.

The new near neighbours’ dog was next door to the northern perimeter fence barking at the distant dog. It was none of mine! Nevertheless, I extracted Oskar, to the delight of Charlie, as he’d found himself relegated to sleeping in the dust outside. The existence of an identical dog house and several other dog houses nearby did not enter into it. There was tranquility until it was time to get up.

It was warmer but still cool enough to make good progress. There was nothing other than a breeze. We were out at 05:38 so it was getting light. Kostas arrived towing a trailer as we left the Promontory after the first circuit. We walked to Plakaki and back to find him with more black plastic piping which he was taking away in his trailer. We went to the Small Beach and the dogs swam. Skinny and Isabella played excitedly and noisily. We continued through the rocks above the Small Beach where we found a couple all tucked up and apparently asleep. They seemed oblivious to the canine invasion of their alfresco boudoir. We continued and walked over the rocks to the lagoon where there was further splashing about.

Kostas was concentrating hard as we passed for the third time and we met another chap who was walking on his own.

I put the dogs inside and sat down in my chair on the decking where it’s less smelly and Elevated my mind. I then set off for a ride up over Panorama, past EKO to see a sailing boat moored near to the departing ferry. There were no puppies. The sea was rougher than the day before as there was more wind than earlier. It was probably rougher still on the Grammeno side as the wind was from the west. I swam for a bit then rode back to the camping to release and feed the dogs.

Sailing ship moored off Paleochora – ferry about to depart

The wind tricked me into putting up the sun blocker then started to blow. It was not excessive but quite gusty at times. My day was taken up with EG website duties to download the sites for the website company to take a look at. I’m hoping they will host them elsewhere so that I can offload them from my site as they take up quite a few resources and it was supposedly only a temporary arrangement.

The decomposing rodent is still smelly and the accompanying flies annoying. One gets used to the smelliness after a while but the flies are still annoying.

I’m trying to get my head around the Afghanistan business and feel sorry for the people who are being delivered back into the hands of the Taliban after a twenty-year break. Despite all the talk of the Taliban being more moderate, I cannot quite believe that violent religious fundamentalist are going to become benign and sensitive rulers. Stories of the Afghan army deserting and passing millions of dollars of equipment over to the Taliban abound. The US and allies were caught on the hop due to the rapid collapse of the Afghan military finding themselves in a ‘Fall of Saigon’ situation at Kabul airport. Hundreds of Afghans trying to get out before the Taliban completely take over, impeding the allied attempts to remove their own personnel.

Warm and sunny with increasing wind. I’m sure wind wasn’t forecast. The weather is good for the holidaying punters which is the main thing.


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