Not So Smelly

A pussy event was responsible for getting me out of bed in the night. There was a great deal of pussy yelling which caused Luis to go into meltdown. If I wasn’t awake because of the pussies, he would have woken me. I got Luis to shut up then went outside to see what was going on. I think it was Fred making all the racket. He’d come for some food and got into an argument with Hop-along I suspect. Somehow, the magnetic food bowl found itself on the other side of the fence. I picked up the hose which was conveniently lying on the decking, adjusted the spray to a jet and let rip. The racket stopped, the pussies dispersed and silence returned. I went back to bed and the next thing I knew was that it was time to get up.

No cars were in the car park, no vans were parked nearby and we found no one on The Promontory. Kostas arrived on foot as we completed our first circuit. Naturally, Luis was incapable of not barking at him whereas Isabella and Skinny wanted to play with him. Why he was on foot I know not as normally he drives everywhere. In any event, he’d left before we returned.

Further down Alonaki there was a van with as small-sized dog with a good bark. Isabella had gone to investigate but was not put off by the barking so I called her to me. Charlie and Oskar were nearby so I called them too. Shortly after, the owner of the dog emerged from the van and wandered down the beach with his dog. We were continuing towards Plakaki so left them to it. They had presumably gone back into their van as they were nowhere to be seen when we walked back later.

We didn’t hang around too long but spent a few minutes on the Small Beach where some dogs swam whist others played noisily (I bet you can’t work out which played noisily). We went over the rocks then back to the van. It was 07:30 so I sat and drank tea for a little while whilst Elevating my brain then set off on my bike eastwards.

There were several runners and it is easier now that much of the cycleway had been completed. There are still some incomplete or missing sections of the path forcing runners into the road. Hopefully the path will be completed during the winter months at the same time as the road and even the lights.

I went up Panorama, past EKO and then along the front where a sailing boat is moored, then past the puppies and back to Grammeno stopping for a quick swim from Alonaki. Today, the sea was completely calm so it was easy to stay in there for nearly twenty-five minutes. I even managed to swim!

Moored sailing boat off Paleochora

During my swim, a couple arrived in a car and set themselves up in the shade near where my bike had been parked. They were extremely efficient as the chairs and table were quickly deployed and the kettle on for some coffee. The lady was sitting next to the table and probably about to tuck into something. My soggy arrival and rapid departure was probably a relief as they no longer had my bike cluttering up their space.

There are fewer tents in the top half of the camping. Some have left to be replaced by others but there are still more gaps than previously. I released and fed the dogs after a quick shower then prepared the Doggy Dinners and made more tea. It wasn’t long before I was sitting down for a rest and a quick YouTube video or two.

The morning ambled by unproductively but then I was busy yesterday so don’t wish to overdo it!

In the afternoon, I went outside to pump up my bike tyres which I’d been meaning to do for a while. The pressure was down to 10psi whereas I prefer it to be 20psi. I pumped up the tyres, lubed the chain and adjusted the front brake. I looked at the rear brake but that is solid. Hopefully, the new brakes I recently ordered will arrive soon. I then went for a couple of turns around the camping to see what it’s like with harder tyres and a lubed chain. It makes quite a difference! I popped by the office to see Maria who was hard at work as usual. It wasn’t long before someone came to pay so I continued on my way.

The DDs have been processed, their rice is in the pot with a rice/red cabbage mix for me. Skinny and Isabella are on the decking and Luis and Fido are with me. Oskar and Charlie are spending their days in the SDC until the number of nearby tents decreases. They don’t seem to mind and they’re a lot easier to manage. They now have a dog house each as I’ve put the two houses side-by-side on pallets.

Skinny and Isabella are having loads of fun with a rope ball.

Warm and sunny with little wind although the Grammeno side was a little wavy first thing which was why I opted for Alonaki. There’s a bit of a breeze starting now


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