Almost No Smell

The evening was short due to the setting up of Bona’s recently acquired iPhone 7. I’d agreed to set this up so found myself outside the reception surrounded by the entire family. It seems that they do everything as one unit. Their boys are very well behaved and simply sit waiting patiently. Having created an Apple account I installed and set up her Viber Messenger account and also her WhatsApp one too. I said I’d change the phone language but discovered Albanian isn’t a supported language. I suggested Greek, Italian, Chinese and Japanese but she will stick with English. They gave me a Zero beer and I went back for something to eat and to chill out.

Only the heat of the night interrupted my slumbers although there might have been something else too. I got up about 05:20 so we were on the way by 05:37. The street lights, which I thought were working again, were not on this morning. I was still able to notice there were no vehicles in sight or in the car park.

A quick walk to the rocks and back then over to Plakaki. Nothing much to report other than the van with the man and his dog is still parked up the beach. We only saw the van.

At the Grammeno end of the beach we bumped into Stefanos who we met the other day. He elected to walk down with us to the rocks and back. Little did I know he’d be so interested in salt collection, the caves and the lagoon. He took lots of photos so it was gone 08:00 before we got back.

Maria had asked me to post an ID card back to Germany however, there appears not to be a single envelope in the entire Grammeno Empire. She gave me a whole 0.20E to get ONE envelope in order to post the ID back to its owner.

I set off against a gentle breeze, went up to Panorama and then to EKO. Manolis wasn’t there however his assistant was. He was serving fuel so I waited until he was free to ask for an envelope. He duly produced one so I continued past the port and the puppies and then back to Alonaki for a quick swim. It was much later than usual but then the dogs were put in the van later too. I felt I could enjoy bobbing around in the sea for a while.

I rode back to reception, returned Maria’s 0.20E together with the envelope and wound her up about how pleasant it was in the sea. That was my queue to leave.

The dogs were released and then fed after I’d had a shower. I made tea then sat down to start my day. I woke up later to discover it was 13:30 so that was the morning out of the way. Not that much of it remained anyway.

The afternoon was taken up with undemanding tasks. I received a reply from the customer service team at RadPower Bikes. I wrote complaining that my bike panniers lasted just over 18 months, they were expensive, I looked for better and that they’d failed due to poor choice of material. The initial support representative had tried to fob me off in the time-honoured way by offering me nothing saying the product failed due to fair wear and tear so was not covered by any warrantee either stated or implied. My reply ended by saying that I wasn’t about to be fobbed-off and would continue to pursue the matter until a satisfactory outcome was reached.

Today’s reply was from a different representative who conveniently asserts that the product is covered by a twenty-four-month warrantee however failure was still down to fair wear and tear. He offered me a replacement product with a generous 15% discount and free shipping. I can get their new model product for a mere 185Euros! Now, all I have to do is to prove that the product failed due to faulty material and logically, there can be no argument to a warrantee claim!

Friday seems to have crept up on me probably/possibly due to the Holiday on Monday. Incidentally, Maria reminded me a few days ago that it was around this time two years ago that I impaled my right hand on a metal fence spike and had the operation to fix my tendon. My hand is working well now and even the scar is beginning to soften.

I don’t know how many arrivals there were today but I’ll probably have a better idea tomorrow morning when I ride through the camping.

Warm and sunny with a breezy start and finish to the day


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