Crazy Dogs

No serious interruptions until the alarm went at 05:15 and I leapt out of bed(!). I took down the wind chimes and the sun blocker as it was too windy. The street lights were working and there were a couple of intrepid campers as I discovered once it was light enough. Otherwise, the first Promontory circuit was quick and easy so we were soon on our way to Plakaki in the dawn light.

Plakaki was equally dull and uninviting so we stopped just long enough for some biscuits. The trip back was a lot easier as the wind was now behind us.

We met Stephanos at the end of the second Promontory circuit: he was expecting to join us until I told him he was too late and we were headed home.

I went in with the dogs to prepare the DDs for the Pot but had time for some tea and to Elevate my brain before going to Paleochora. There was now less wind so I braved Panorama then the usual circuit which included some dogs but not puppies. There was almost no wind when I was at Alonaki for a swim and then rode back to Grammeno. I could see that customers were packing up and my nearest neighbours have now departed. Only the rental tent, which is a decent distance away, is still present and occupied.

I took a shower, released and fed the dogs then sat down with a cup of tea. I probably fell asleep…

The day drifted by as all good Sundays should. It was warm and not too windy although that situation has now changed dramatically. I finished off the doggy dinners, vacuumed and mopped the van and managed to get all five speakers of my surround system working. The sound was only coming from the front left, right, centre and sub-woofer. The rear speakers were producing no sound. Some research showed that new software is present which works with the 5.1 surround. I can keep the volume lower but still hear what’s going on as the rear speakers are next to where I sit.

I went next door to check on the irrigation system and scrounged a couple of drippers from Tony. Bona was cleaning the loos as I went to fill up the cats’ water bowl at the sink. She tells me her phone is working fine and she’s still downloading apps to put on it.

The area north of here is beginning to thin out. Dimitris is hoping the customers might thin out to around 70 which is a nice easy number to deal with. Ingo, who lives and works in Vienna is on holiday in Crete with Sylvia his wife and Calliope their daughter. Ingo sent an email asking what it was like here. I replied saying it is windy and likely to be until tomorrow. Whether they decide to come to Grammeno I shall see. It will be nice to see them again. They used to come regularly but have now moved to Vienna to avoid commuting to Crete.

Not as warm as yesterday and this evening and night should be cooler


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