I was entertained by Mr Burr and his team as he unravelled a murder which took place on an army camp. It was connected with money that went missing in WWII. The cash should have been destroyed when the army evacuated the Philippines however some of those responsible had other ideas. It was very complicated but Perry’s diligent work uncovers the true story and brings to justice those concerned.

A cooler night without any wind! So good not to have branches bashing on the metal roof. I must get the extending ladder from the storeroom and cut the branches before it’s next windy.

The doggies all behaved nicely on the Early Walk. Kostas was parking up as we were going back towards Alonaki. Luis and Oskar assisted by Obi, were keen to demonstrate the Dawn Chorus however I think Kostas heard nothing above his car radio pumping out traditional Cretan music.

I couldn’t see the dogs very well as we walked towards Plakaki however they all showed up at the other end but Luis didn’t make it for biscuits. I’m worried about him missing out on food!

We managed to arrive back altogether around 07:15 so I made some tea then got on with writing the blog entry I failed to complete due to deserting the dogs for some human company yesterday evening. By the time I got back it was almost dark and no one had eaten.

I went up over Panorama on my bike and through Paleochora past the puppies where there was not a single canine. From there, an easy run to Alonaki for a quick swim. The sea was calmer than yesterday. The workout said I swam 39 metres however, I walked the distance after my swim to discover it was nearer to 300m from my shoes to the big, green shelter construction and back.

I was at the camping around 09:30, released the dogs, collected the poo, had a shower then fed them. My next task was to prepare the DD’s for the pot. I made more tea and sat down in the sun.

There wasn’t so much of the morning left when the DDs were ready to be processed in fact it was more like 14:00. I was listening to Radio Paradise where there was more Rolling Stones music than usual in memory of the death of Charlie Watts, the drummer, who died age 80 on 24 August. Watts was one of the original Stones from 1964. He was not only responsible for percussion but designed graphics for album covers and promotional material. He was also involved in the touring stages where he created novel designs. He was one of the more temperate members of the group although he wandered off the straight-and-narrow for a while in the 80’s.

The remainder of the day trundled by with little ado. I Elevated my brain, practiced meditation and learned some Greek amongst other distractions. Apparently, there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ meditation just that some are ‘better’ than others.

It was chillier this morning. I was wearing a T-shirt which I abandoned during the beach walk but put back on again at the end. It’s easier to sleep when it’s cooler and great not to have any wind!

A cool start but warm enough when I was swimming and riding my bike. The lack of wind is a bonus. It should remain warm and calm for at least a couple of days.


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