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More cars were in the car park although there seemed to be the same number of small tents by the Big Rock as yesterday. Kostas was working hard when we left but passed us before we were back at the camping. He and Luis had a conversation but I don’t know what it was about.

There was a very large SUV parked on Alonáki Beach with, what looked like an equally large human lying on a nearby sun bed browsing his personal portable device. It was only when we came back later when it was a little lighter that I could see there was a beach shower and changing cubicle for disabled bathers. The SUV and its driver had vanished during the thirty minutes it took us to go to the end of the Promontory and back.

New posh shower and changing facilites for the disabled. I took the pictures when we returned from Plakaki.

Kostas was on the rocks so I carefully directed the dogs elsewhere so they wouldn’t bother him. He then proceeded to whistle for them but they stuck with me.

I didn’t start the Doggy Dinners as a visit to Petrakis was required to pick up some ingredients. I left around 08:15 and rode over Panorama and the usual circuit to the supermarket. I was there a little later so it was quite busy. I found some fresh beetroot right outside as well as a new delivery of grapes. I allow myself to be decadent at this time of the year as grapes are plentiful and relatively cheap.

Riding back, I stopped at Alonáki for a swim. The sea was calm but the southwesterly wind was freshening. I swam out to the line of buoys and back. It was a little rougher further out as it’s less sheltered by the land.

It wasn’t too late by the time I was back at the camping but I let out the dogs and fed them after a shower. Next were the Doggy Dinners and then something for myself. There was a text from Ingo inviting me to join them at the bar. He wondered where I’d been the day before but I replied that, as they were on holiday, they wouldn’t want me bothering them every day.

We had a long chat during which Kalliope and Sylvia went swimming and I drank a lot of water. I’d declined the offer of more exciting beverages as I’d already had two mugs of tea. I was just about to go back to the dogs as the afternoon was well advanced. Stefanos was at the bar so invited me to join him for a drink. I opted for a zero beer and we chatted about his online shop and small business. He deals in therapeutic and recreational cannabis products as well as essential oils and incense. I was amazed at the number of lines he stocks as it must be a logistical nightmare there are so many! He disappeared returning with some joss sticks but I intend ordering some of his incense blocks and a burner. The joss sticks smell wonderful so I’ll have a great time this evening.

Maria wandered past earlier surprised to see me in the restaurant but even more so when she returned a lot later to find me still there but in the bar. Georgia came to say that this was such a rare occasion during my summer hibernation period and that she’d not seen me in at least a month! I left Stefanos at 15:15 as the Doggy Dinners required processing and the beetroot wouldn’t cook itself. I had to do one before the other as I needed the pot.

The dogs had been quiet and well behaved but then some still had their collars on from the walk earlier.

The Doggy Dinners are now processed, the beetroot cooked and cooling and the rice is depressurising. I had to have a little snooze to catch up so maybe I’ll be a littler later to bed today.

Plenty of sunshine and warm despite quite a bit of wind earlier in the day. It’s now almost still as the sun heads towards the horizon.
The dogs are checking out the showing platform. We discovered an electric mobility chair for the disabled secreted near the gate to into CBV. This facility has been provided from an EU funded grant as the notices proclaim

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